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These 18 pets with humanized attitudes

Animal Fun

These 18 pets with humanized attitudes

Most animals have their habits and facial expressions, which makes them even more adorable. They have been shown to be capable of feeling emotions such as anger, happiness, surprise, zen, etc. And the most impressive thing is to be able to capture their heads at certain times. Would our pets think they are humans?

Man has nothing to be wrong with, here are 18 photos of pets proving that they are also capable of reproducing our habits. Sometimes they would only miss the floor!

1. "Who gave you the right to photograph me ?! No, but these paparazzi are really without embarrassment! "

© KookSlam007 /

2. "Come into my arms!" We haven't seen each other for so long! "

© DV123 /

3. "But I swear! The mouse was big like that! "

© Prostoilogin /

4. "This culprit's head is the same as my husband's when he returns from a poker party and has lost all his money! "

© Prostoilogin /

5. "Oh, my God, another girl … It's the fourth! … "

© danaschwartzzz /

6. “Thank you mom and dad for this great trip to the sea! "


7. "Come on, people, buy him his fish quickly!" I freeze and in addition I feel ridiculous in this yellow costume! "

© Le Quoc Phong /

8. "Yeah I know, I am often told that I have a lot of style"

© Bergermeister24 /

9. "I don't care what time it is, I can't read the time. All I know is that I am hungry and my master will get up to feed me, willingly or by force! "


10. "Do you believe me now when I tell you he's not who he claims to be ?!" "

© Prostoilogin /

11. "No, but are they serious about knotting you like that ?! "-" Well, I like … "" You're kidding, I hope …! "

© flowbotronic /

12. “A candy or life! "


13. "What Machiavellian plan will I be able to put in place to recover my place on this chair?! …"

© QuailsandCats /

14. "Frankly, I find it harder and harder to bear this big, heavy brother! He drools, he is fat, he drops hair everywhere and above all, he sticks me wherever I go! I've had enough of him! "

© bernersandcatslivingtogether /

15. It seems that we have them as we are … Apparently, this is true here!

© pleple28 /

16. "Have you already finished my cuddling session ?!" You're sure ?! "-" Hey, it's not just you here, eh! Make way for others! I've been waiting for 2 minutes! "

© Novichokkkkkk /

17. "Uh … sorry, that's mine! "-" Get out! Go see elsewhere if I'm there! " – " Mum !!! The neighbor stole my snack from me! "

© InstantFool /

18. "Life is good isn't it ?! "

© Smtmidi /

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