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These 18 animals who have sworn loyalty to their owners

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These 18 animals who have sworn loyalty to their owners

Are we really up to the love and loyalty that our pets have for us? It is a highly philosophical question. Cats like dogs enter our life as evidence, while we enter theirs by force. That said, over time, they learn to love us more than anything and sometimes even more than themselves. Could we say the same? Do we really deserve all this love?

If you haven't had your daily dose of tenderness yet, we invite you to view these 19 photos of animals … Your little heart will melt!

1. This cat comes every day to see the room where his mistress's roommate lived … After moving he seems to miss him

© hopawfmahdiq / reddit

2. This retired couple has just adopted this dog in a shelter, he seems really happy!

© liquidreno / reddit

3. Do you know the expression "only have eyes for him / her"? Here it is illustrated!

© LearnedBravery / reddit

4. This man went on a trip for a month and his cat was looked after by his mother. When he returns, he no longer takes off from his master!

© PoptartTheCat / reddit

5. This dog does not like to feel the sadness of his owner at all

© Fogie99 / reddit

6. It is enough for him to sit on the armchair so that the cats settle down beside him

© Azryhael / reddit

7. How to appease your dog and spend a moment of pure complicity…

© DryIceBurnsYourSkin / reddit

8. Cats need attention, especially when they feel you don't have time to give it to them!

© Montastic / reddit

9. Dogs only have one master, but can still be nice to everyone around!

© Seilu_NA / reddit

10. This dog despaired of seeing his master gone for 9 long weeks!

© measureinlove / reddit

11. Cats are empathetic animals, they know how to appease men

© Work-Safe-Reddit4450 / reddit

12. This dog was adopted a month ago … Do you see in his eyes all the love and admiration he feels for his mistress?

© kikichun / reddit

13. This kitten knows how to ask her master for hugs … She grabs his thumb!

© ilona_krasnik /

14. These two have been inseparable for 3 years, they are the shadow of each other!

© Nightman20 / reddit

15. There is no better place than your master's bed!

© HomoVictoriae / pikabu

16. It's gratitude that we can read in his eyes …

© Swayzebacon / reddit

17. This dog spent 8 months glued to his pregnant mistress

© jester33455 / reddit

18. A couple found this lost kitten on the side of a road. They took him in their car and take him home …

© ImABigSquidNow / reddit

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