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These 18 animals caught in the bag

Animal Fun

These 18 animals caught in the bag

Some say that our sense of humor and intelligence differentiate us from animals. But according to recent studies, it seems that animals also have a sense of humor and a certain notion of intelligence! Do you still doubt it? We have evidence!

Here are 18 animals that made jokes to men: some are funny and others, a little less!

1. "I told you I would escape from any prison! "

© Squidills / Imgur

2. The father of this girl being absent, the cat has given itself the mission to prevent him from making mistakes on YouTube!

© ninjasoundtech / Reddit

3. He was playing and all of a sudden … Oops …

© C_Aveman / Reddit

4. "I told you to taste before I eat this bowl, do you hear when I speak to you ?! "

© sehnaoui / Imgur

5. "Hey, why shouldn't I be allowed to get a cool tan ?!" "

© GregEnsom / Imgur

6. "Wait, you got something in your hair"

© Unknown / Imgur

7. Never leave your car and suitcases parked near a place where monkeys can tumble …

8. "I promise you it's not me! I'm still looking for the culprit, but it looks like he escaped! "

© Everythingwasbeautifulandnothinghurt / Imgur

9. Maybe he would like LEGO after all! He should be made to try to build his new cage!

© sehnaoui / Imgur

10. "I already told him last week that he had nothing to do here! "

© adictamente / blogspot

11. Because cats don't care what you can be doing, here is the Chef's signature!

© WashCapsFan / Reddit

12. "Let's agree dear master, nothing can be more important than me!" "

© Timehack / Reddit

13. "Sorry sweetie, but I'm hungry too! "

© sehnaoui / Imgur

14. "What ?! You don’t want me to go to your bed so I’ve done it all to myself! "

© Elluztale / Reddit

15. "Oh don't make that face … Your plant was already dead! "

© Source / Imgur

16. A few seconds before the irreparable … 3, 2, 1 …

© Unknown / Imgur

17. "But what did you imagine after all ?! You know very well that I am claustrophobic and in addition you lock me in the bathtub! I say you looked for it! "

© Baabaaredsheep / Imgur

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