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These 13 photos that show that cats and dogs can also be jealous

Animal Fun

These 13 photos that show that cats and dogs can also be jealous

Jealousy is not just a human feeling. It gives every living being on this planet the same feeling. Cats and dogs are also affected by this feeling which can cause damage in the most extreme cases.

Obviously, we can only smile in front of the photos below, of animals who shoot funny faces in front of their companion, apparently in a better situation than them.

1. "Well … are you moving that I too take advantage?"

© mistermoonshine / imgur

2. "Yep, coconut, it's mine!"

© DodderingCommandant97 / imgur

3. "Look at the other one, there, to be happy on the bed"

© Mjones57 / imgur

4. "The only solution for him to look at me is for me to look sad"

© Areyoukittenmerightme0w / imgur

5. "Otherwise, apart from your pc, I exist!"


6. "It's not that it is freezing outside, but there is no sun!"

© unknown / imgur

7. This poor little doggie, outside, with this look …

© KingPin26 / reddit

8. A VIP cat …

© randired / reddit

9. "I want to bite my teeth too!"

© YuliaGulia / reddit

10. "That look when she wants to join me in bed"

© unknown / imgur

11. "I'm going to pluck this bird!"

© WillsMyth / reddit

12. "If he gives me a piece, my heart explodes!"

© MilwaukeeNative / reddit

13. "Above all, don't show my feelings …"

© pocketnotebook / imgur

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