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The socialization of the puppy zooplus Magazine for dogs

La socializzazione del cucciolo


The socialization of the puppy zooplus Magazine for dogs

The dog is by nature a social animal that lives in a pack. In other words, it is very important that the puppy immediately recognizes a social construct in the family and clear rules to follow. When giving commands, the volume is not as important as the tone of the voice. Voice commands should be short and concise and always accompanied by clear gestural signals, and it is advisable to always use the same combination of words and gestures. As a new owner of a dog, you will be able to impose your authority in this way, even when resisting the sweet eyes of a puppy becomes particularly difficult!

Lay the groundwork for puppy education

From day one, start exercising basic commands with your puppy, such as “Sit”, “Come”, “Leave” and “No”, without demanding too much from your dog. Three sessions of five minutes each per day, which ended with lots of pampering and games, are more than enough. Despite the shortness of the sessions, it is important that the exercises are never interrupted without having successfully completed them. You will need to praise and reward your puppy every time an exercise is performed correctly. Below we describe the individual stages of development that the puppy goes through during his growth.

The socialization of the puppy

10 th -12 th week: phase of the puppy socialization

Up to now, puppies have been given everything, but now the stage has come in which they too are reprimanded by adult animals. In fact, it is at this stage that older dogs assert their supremacy over puppies and show them that there are limits to be respected. Not everything around a puppy needs to be automatically nibbled. During this phase, devote no more than a quarter of an hour to the education of your dog and reward him whenever his behavior is correct.

13 th -16 th week: phase of superiority classification

If the puppy still lived in a pack, a hierarchical order would be established among the members. Dominance however is not achieved by force. Being part of a “human” herd, the puppy will try to impose himself by challenging your authority, to understand what is his place in the hierarchy of the human family. At this stage, just like a few years old, he will try to go beyond the limits. You should always keep in mind that you are the pack leader. You cannot therefore turn a blind eye if your dog no longer lets you sit on the sofa. Always go first through the doors and every now and then take your bowl out of your puppy, hold it for a few moments, pretending to examine its contents and give it back to him. It is essential to show firmness and not allow the animal to overcome certain limits. In this way,

17 th -24 th week: during the ” flight “

In this period the dog begins to understand the environment that surrounds him and memorizes its dynamics. It is time to delve deeper into what has already been learned. Furthermore, if it is true that the puppy should immediately meet other dogs and socialize as much as possible, at this stage it is very important to let him interact with his fellow humans, so that he learns to develop the typical social skills of the canine world. For this purpose, there are many puppy schools and dog groups that offer the so-called puppy classes , or socialization and puppy play classes, whose goal is to model and strengthen the socialization of the puppy. Also, by attending a puppy classyou will have the opportunity to receive advice and answers from qualified staff on all your questions about dog growth and education . The puppy class have high costs and represent an excellent opportunity to offer the puppy gatherings with others. Between the fifth and sixth month of life, the dog becomes more independent and needs to be guided firmly in the puberty phase.

The socialization of the puppy

º -12 º month: puberty

In this phase of life the dog behaves like a teenager and takes on opposing attitudes. Your puppy will prove restless and disobedient and will always try to question your role as pack leader. Do not allow him to growl now to defend his bowl or to intimidate you because he wants to get some table bites. Let him understand with absolute firmness that the previously established rules are still valid. Immediately put a stop to these dominant dog behaviors . Indicatively, starting from the seventh month of life, the first heat of the dog occurs in the female , while the male begins to mark the territory by raising his paw and urinating at every corner. By now your puppy is slowly becoming an adult.

The socialization of the puppy: educate it with the support of experts in the sector

If you encounter problems with the socialization of the puppy or prefer to dedicate yourself to the dog in a group course, we recommend you to attend a so-called basic education course. These courses are now offered by almost all dog groups and associations of the main dog breeds and are aimed at all dogs, breed and half-breed. Try asking the nearest dog association for information. Many kennels also offer courses in which your dog will be taught to become an educated and reliable companion.

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