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The reason why Dogs curls up

dog sleeping curled up


The reason why Dogs curls up

The rolled up position is one of the most common for dog sleep: if even your dog sleeps curled up, know that there is a really surprising reason behind it.

Why does the dog sleep curled up? (Pixabay photo)

Fantastic life companions, incredibly loyal and loving, dogs also know how to stand out for some inexplicable oddities in behavior that, if possible, make us love them even more. One of the instinctive behavior of dog that fascinate us and make us more tender is their habit of assuming the classic “donut” position for falling asleep: few know, however, that it is not just a matter of convenience.

The dog sleeps curled up for a specific reason, firmly rooted in the millennial evolution of the species: Dr. Margaret Gruen, an expert in behavioral medicine at the College of Veterinary Medicine of NC State University.

Why does the dog sleep curled up? The unexpected answer

dog sleeps curled up
The dog sleeps in the donut position (Pixabay Photo)

As mentioned, the rolled up position that dogs usually take when they sleep is the result of their evolution: there are several possible reasons why dog may prefer to curl up to sleep in peace, and not all of them are linked to the simple need to be at ease in order to finally fall asleep.

Dogs can choose to sleep in the “donut” position for at least three different reasons: first of all, a legacy of the time when dogs lived in the wild in places characterized by very cold climates. In this case, the dog digs a small nest and curls up inside, for maintain and preserve body heat.

A second reason, which may seem strange to us today, is the need to protect internal organs during deep sleep, which represents the phase of maximum vulnerability for any animal: a tactic that today may seem decidedly not very useful for the dogs of the house, but that was indispensable for wild dogs.

The third and final reason is that which perhaps seems to make the most sense today: the dog sleeps curled up in an attempt to protect yourself and stay safe, perhaps when he rests in an environment foreign to him. Even though dogs are now a domesticated animal, the legacies of his ancestral instinct are still felt today because sleep is precisely the moment in which he feels most vulnerable to the dangers coming from outside.

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