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The price of health for your pet


The price of health for your pet

Caring for your cat or dog has a cost. Certain acts can quickly reach large sums. If there are price differences between veterinary surgeries and clinics located in France, practitioners are still required to some obligations. For the master, animal health insurance makes it possible to meet expenses.

Veterinarians, wherever they practice, have certain obligations. So, before making a decision, the master can know what it will cost him. Those having contracted cat health insurance will be able to calculate the reimbursement amount according to the chosen formula.

Displaying prices: an obligation

“The display of an extract from the tariff, representative of the most common acts, is another legal obligation, which veterinarians respect”, explains Dr François de Couliboeuf, President of the CRO Ile-de-France (Regional Council of the 'Order of Veterinarians).

Many practitioners display the price of major veterinary procedures in their waiting room. We understand that it would be difficult to carry out a complete display, as the veterinary procedures are so varied and complex.
“A full list of cataloged acts, which would be as inconclusive for a layman as a catalog of spare parts,” says Dr. François de Couliboeuf. Also, a large majority of veterinarians keep the prices charged in their clinic available to customers.

Request a quote before an act

Before performing an act, the client can also request a quote from their veterinarian. “The principle of an estimate in veterinary medicine is however accompanied by reservations relating to the nature of the activity, where certain acts are not exactly predictable, and where the means implemented can vary very significantly from case to case. 'other', further specifies the President of the Ile-de-France CRO.

“Generally, however, the practitioner is able to indicate a range of fees. If this indication is not sufficient for the client, the care contract may fix the planned acts in a synallagmatic manner, and decide that the practitioner is contractually released from his obligation of means if additional acts are necessary despite the initial forecasts “.

After treatment, the establishment of a detailed invoice is a legal obligation. Here too, veterinarians respect it, “especially since many are computerized.”

Tariff differences according to regions

It is common to hear that differences in prices exist in the veterinary profession, that the prices charged in the Ile-de-France region are generally higher than in the provinces. “The price comparison between the Paris region and the province makes no sense if we forget that the cost of living, local taxation and the price of real estate are factors which considerably influence the cost of producing a service ”, justifies Dr. François de Couliboeuf.

Obtaining another opinion, another tariff remains entirely possible for the master. And that even if his cat is insured since certain health insurances leave the owner free in the choice of the practitioner.

“In terms of animal health, no form of subsidy exists, as opposed to human health services, or civil relief,” also emphasizes Dr. François de Couliboeuf. “On the contrary, veterinary establishments are very penalized by local taxation, especially since they set up efficient premises, staff, availability, and equipment … The veterinary act is not just not to a nomenclature accompanied by a price offer. It calls upon a technical platform, a team, an availability, which can be eminently variable from one establishment to another, and which can lead to a very different service production cost, with consequences for patient safety. , and the ability to cope with the unexpected and complications “

And to conclude that the veterinary profession is one of the professions with the lowest incomes among the liberal professions.

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