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The polar bear population in the Arctic may be growing, experts say

The polar bear population in the Arctic may be growing, experts say


The polar bear population in the Arctic may be growing, experts say

Nature has an incredible adaptability, and so it can happen the polar bear population reacts to climate change who are destroying their habitat and returning to growing. Excellent news comes from the Russian laboratories of the Severtsov Institute of Ecology and Evolution, whose experts claim to sight white bears much more frequently in the Arctic area, and that there are all the conditions to conclude that the number of specimens is actually growing.

Polar bears have seen their natural habitat, made of ice, snow and icy sea, change suddenly: this change, due to rising temperatures, has led to a sharp decrease in specimens. The bears, in fact, no longer having the ice floes to move on to hunt, are forced to swim for a long time to get prey, running the risk of drowning. Others, due to the shortage of prey, go to the inhabited centers where it has happened several times to meet armed men to defend themselves.

However, there is hope, yet to be confirmed, that the Arctic bear population has reacted somewhat to climate change. Experts from the Russian Severtsov Institute said there the number of sightings has increased in the last period, and that for this reason it could be assumed that the population has increased. A confirmation could come from satellite imagery, which would allow to count the Arctic bears one by one, and to have a more precise data.

The hope that this news can be confirmed is great: the risk is that future generations will become aware of these beautiful animals only on books and in photos, due to a premature disappearance from the planet, to be attributed only and exclusively to the human being.

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