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The Pacific Ocean became so acidic that the crab shells began to melt

The Pacific Ocean became so acidic that the crab shells began to melt


The Pacific Ocean became so acidic that the crab shells began to melt

Lately the attention towards the health of the seas and oceans has increased significantly, but what we can do now, unfortunately, is only to ascertain the damage caused by decades of carelessness.

L’carbon dioxide in the atmosphere it is absorbed in part by the oceans of the whole world, with the result that increases acidity water: in the Pacific Ocean the acidity of the water has reached such levels as to succeed in dissolve the armor of the crabs.

According to the National Oceans and Atmosphere Association (NOAA) oceans around the world absorb about 30% of carbon dioxide present in the atmosphere. Once CO₂ is absorbed, the acidity of the water increases.

The studies have revealed an exceptional acidity of the water of the Pacific Ocean, such as to succeed in to dissolve the armor of the young of the Pacific great crab, a species of crab that inhabits the Pacific waters.

NOAA researchers collected some Dungeness crabs (another name by which these crabs are known) in 2016 and examined them under an electron microscope: it was thus observed that some specimens showed damage to the shell, While others had lost the hair that covers the shells and that helps the crabs to orient themselves in the waters. Also, the size of the crabs with the dissolved armor were of smaller size compared to the norm, due to the energy expenditure that requires the repair of the fractures of the shell and which stops the growth.

Research testifies how the seas and oceans are becoming unwelcoming for the same animals that inhabit them, and this because of human activities that have distorted the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, and therefore in the oceans.

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