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The most intelligent animals in the world – ranking

The most intelligent animals in the world - ranking


The most intelligent animals in the world – ranking

Man demonstrates the ability to teach, reason and solve problems. We are aware not only ourselves but also others. We feel and show emotions. We are creative. We think abstractly. We create tools and show cunning. Communicated in a language that we use to express complex ideas. All this is undoubtedly evidence of human intelligence. Although scientists have not yet managed to create one coherent, comprehensive definition of intelligence, everyone agrees that we are not the only creatures in the world who show it. There are representatives of the animal kingdom whose behavior, cunning and skills clearly prove their high intelligence.

Here is list 10 most intelligent animals in the world.

1. Chimpanzees

The intellectual abilities of chimpanzees, whose genetic material is 98.5% compatible with human ones, have fascinated scientists for years. These animals can create and use tools, solve problems, communicate with body language and express emotions in the way a human does it – e.g. they laugh while playing and cry when they are sad. One of the most impressive skills is assigning symbols to objects and then using these symbols in sequences to express complex ideas. In short-wave memory tests, chimpanzees proved to be better than humans, by memorizing and reproducing sequences of digits faster.

2. Dolphins

the most intelligent animals of the dolphins

Dolphins are considered the most intelligent aquatic animals. Bottlenose dolphins have a much larger cerebral cortex than humans to communicate – dolphins use the most advanced communication system in the animal world. These intriguing animals are also capable of processing abstuctive information, solving problems and showing emptiness. Recent studies have shown that dolifins also use complicated mathematical formulas during hunting that allow them to better track down and, in effect, capture their prey.

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3. Elephants

the most intelligent elephant animals

In addition to the fact that elephants clean their food before eating, they are also able to use tools for many purposes, they also show remarkable care and compassion not only towards representatives of their species. When a member of the herd dies, the other elephants touch him with their trunks and for a long time make lamentable sounds, departing from the body only in search of food. This capacity for empathy and altruism is considered a highly advanced form of higher intelligence.

4. Dogs

the smartest animal dog

The fact that dogs learn commands that they then easily follow and obey their owners does not prejudge their intelligence. However, scientific studies have shown that dogs can only find food with non-verbal cues – this is a type of reasoning that, according to scientists, corresponds to the human ability to understand the other person's point of view. In addition, dogs can recognize human and animal faces, are able to sense different human moods, and by repeated repetition they are even able to learn to recognize up to 160 different words.

5. Pigs

the most intelligent animals pigs

Scientists believe that pigs have a level of intelligence equal to that of a three-year-old child. This was proven by research carried out in the 90s, in which they learned to move the cursor on the screen and then use it to distinguish between shapes that they previously learned and those that they saw for the first time. Contrary to appearances, they are also very clean animals – whenever they have the opportunity, they never settle near the place where they sleep or eat.

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6. Octopuses

the most intelligent animals octopus

Inhabitable ocean and sea floor octopuses are considered the most intelligent invertebrates. During scientific research it was proved that these animals have short and long-term memory, they show incredible ability to plan, learn through observation and the ability to solve problems. Octopuses are also masters of the art of imitation and camouflage, as well as getting out of tethers and protecting against attack by predators.

7. Rats

the most intelligent animals rats

Rats are undoubtedly the animals on which the most research and scientific experiments are conducted. Scientists have proved that rats are able to metapose and can assess their knowledge – this skill was previously only attributed to humans and some primates. These rodents are great at overcoming mazes – they easily find ways to escape even the most complex ones. It is no wonder that Eastern culture appreciates these animals for their incredible resourcefulness and cleverness.

8. Ravens

the most intelligent animals ravens

Ravens are very crafty birds: they create tools from twigs, feathers, wires and other pieces of various origins, which are then used to steal food from even hard to reach places. Although ravens have the inborn ability to create tools, they develop and master this art to perfection while watching older birds, which is also a sign of their intelligence.

9. Squirrels

the most intelligent animals squirrels

Squirrels display an impressive array of tricks and strategies that help them survive – their persistence, persistence and flawless memory are also useful in this art. These lively furry foxes, which were typically typical forest animals, adapted perfectly to life near humans, e.g. in parks or gardens, where they feed on min. in bird feeders. Squirrels are also known for creating stocks for worse days, which can be used many months later. These rodents often mislead potential stock thieves by pretending to hide food somewhere – this demonstrates their advanced level of cunning and intellect.

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10. Pigeons

the smartest pigeon animals

During scientific experiments, these birds showed the ability to count, rank items by size, and even learn certain mathematical rules. However, mathematics is not their only trick – these birds are great during rescue missions in wide waters, where thanks to good eyesight they are able to spot people in life jackets and signal it to crews of rescue helicopters.

Which of these animals did you expect to find on list 10 the most intelligent animals the world?

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