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The most exemplary parents of the animal kingdom

The most exemplary parents of the animal


The most exemplary parents of the animal kingdom

Many may think that dads (males) in the animal world they don’t play a very important role in the breeding, feeding and protection of their babies, but in reality there are many species of animals in which parents are a role model and are worthy of admiration. Meet these amazing male animal parents They do know how to take care of their young!

Emperor Penguins

These penguins They are reputed to be excellent parents and that they sacrifice a lot for their young. Moms are the ones who lay the eggs, but parents are the ones who incubate them and give up their food to incubate them.

Coqui Frogs

Frog Coquí

The female coqui frogs lay the eggs, but then leave the nest. It will be the male (the dad) who is dedicated to caring for and protecting them, putting on top of the eggs, until it reaches the stage of development of these. It will be a difficult task of much effort and dedication.



Male seahorses are very curious parents and have a great role in reproduction, since they are the ones who get pregnant. The female deposits the fertilized eggs and the male deposits them in a kind of bag, where she will carry them for about 10 days.

Red foxes

Red fox

The females remain in their dens with the young, giving them warmth and breastfeeding, but It is the males who go outside to look for food. After three months, it will be the parents who teach their children to look for and get food and to bury food reserves.

Darwin’s frog or frog

Darwin's toad

Darwin’s male toad has a very important position Like dad: He is the one who takes care and protects the young. He swallows the eggs to take care of them, and they spend all their metamorphosis in their father’s mouth for 50 or 70 days. Later they leave their dad’s mouth coming out from under their tongue.



The male ñandú is in charge of building the house for small offspring They will be born in a few days. Although they maintain a polygamous life (they maintain relationships with many females) always They try to take care of their young.


Titi monkey

Titi male monkeys take care of their children just born; they clean and clean them at the right moment of their birth. Also fair after birth they are loaded on dad’s back to be taken from one place to another.

Namaqua Bargain

Namaqua Bargain

Namaqua Ganga males hatch their newborn chicks. They have a unique method to prevent them from becoming dehydrated., because they live in the desert of South Africa: By having a special plumage they can retain water in it, and soak the plumage of your belly being able to load up to 20 ml of water. From there Your young can drink.

Giant water bugs

Giant water bug

Bed bugs or giant water bugs (Belostomatidae) are insects that inhabit America and Asia. Males carry eggs on top of them until they hatch. They can carry up to 150 of them.


Emu male

The male emu, like the emperor penguin, incubate (about 56 days) and take care of their chicks. Once they are born, Dad accompanies them for about 6 months.

Black-necked swans

Black neck swan

Black-necked swans (or black-necked) they carry babies on their backs to keep them warm and protect them during its first weeks of life.

These animal daddies are model parents! HAPPY FATHER’S DAY ?

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