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The longest-lived breeds of dogs!



The longest-lived breeds of dogs!

The average age of a dog is about 10-13 years though varies according to Stingray and basically small dogs, weighing between 5 and 12 kilos, live longer as well as mestizos. The longest-lived dogs in the world have also gone well beyond the age of 25. But these are very rare examples. However a healthy diet it certainly contributes to keeping the animal healthy and consequently to lengthening its life.

Here then is a small ranking of the longest-lived dogs among which you can opt …

Chihuahua: it is a very intelligent and brave breed and can live up to 20 years!

Lhasa Apsos: it is a Tibetan breed that conquered the longevity record in 1939 with a specimen lived up to 29 years. On average it can live up to 18 years.

Portrait of Lhasa Apso, domestic pet. Originated in Tibet

Dachshund: the dachshund is loved for its intelligent and sincere character. Again it is a long-lived breed with an average age of 17 years.

Pomeranian: an adorable little dog, also known as dwarf German Spitz. He has a very cheerful character that boasts an average age of 15 years.

Westminster Dog Show Pre-Event Press Conference

Poodle: it is a dog highly appreciated for its elegance and noble behavior. It is a nice breed that loves to play very much. The average life span is between 14 and 18 years.


Shih Tzu: He is a very faithful dog who can often live even 18 years.

Boston Terriers: it is a delicious small specimen which, however, due to its flat muzzle can suffer from respiratory problems, but also meet problems related to the eyes such as cataracts and corneal ulcers. The average life of a Boston Terrier is 15 years.

Schnauzers miniatures: it is a breed that always remains attached and active even when elderly. The average life is around 14 years.

Schnauzers miniaturesPug: also the Pug as for the Boston Terrier can suffer from respiratory problems, but also from overheating. The average life of this adorable little dog is between 12 and 15 years.


Australian Cattle Dog: It is a medium-sized dog that nevertheless enters the ranking of the longest-lived breeds of dogs thanks to a specimen that has a longevity record reaching 29 years. The average age is between 12 and 15 years of life.

Australian Cattle Dog

Welsh Corgi cardigan: shepherd dog of Wales, with a strong very strong personality. The average age is 12/14 years, but it can easily go up to 17 years.

Welsh Corgi cardigan

Pembroke Welsh Corgi: the breed derives from the Cardigan Welsh Corgi. It is a smaller specimen with a shorter tail. Again the average life is 12-14 years.


Podengo Portuguese: finally also the Portuguese Podengo which is of medium size and a very energetic breed enters the ranking of the longest-lived dogs. Her life expectancy reaches up to 16 years.

Podengo Portuguese

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