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The legend of the Rainbow Bridge, the sky of animals

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The legend of the Rainbow Bridge, the sky of animals

Where do animals go when they die? The legend of the sky of animals

I want to share this beautiful story with everyone. Many who have had or loved animals, unfortunately we have suffered their absence with their loss … But there is a legend that reaches the soul, for all who appreciate them: The sky of the animals after crossing the rainbow bridge.

Legend of the Rainbow Bridge tells…

That when the four-legged angels (or any other creature we have loved) They say goodbye to us, with a sigh they let their last goodbye escape and cross this bridge …

To the other side of this one, they are meadows and beautiful hills, all very sunny, where you can breathe calm and where you can run, play and enjoy of his innocence … There, they have food, water and well-being in abundance, and never pass any penalty …

Pets and animals that had a bad life or were injured in life, are seen in complete health, fully cured and finally very happy in this fantastic sky, where they share their joy with many other animals.

Legend Rainbow Bridge pets

People say that those animals or pets that lost their human when they were still alive, meet their humans in the middle of the rainbow bridge, as they appear on the horizon and give them a big surprise and accompany them to cross the bridge accompanying them.

Humans who later die, meet them again in heaven, where they have been waiting until they arrive, to remain eternally happy together.

pet rainbow bridge

And this is the story or legend of the rainbow bridge of animals, when they cross it in their last goodbye. A very emotional and hopeful story for all those who love them as our friends, colleagues or family.

Rest in peace all those little animals that have already crossed the rainbow bridge ?❤

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