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The language of the cat that only the owner can decipher (Video)



The language of the cat that only the owner can decipher (Video)

Science of us , the site specializing in health of New York Times published on July 23, a video animation delicious on how to interpret the language of the cat.

A small path on the behaviors of domestic felines that in part does not deny commonplaces, highlighting how some cat attitudes can be deciphered from purring to rubbing on the owner.

In nature when a cat moves away and then returns after a period of separation from the other cat, they use each other to rub and wrap their tails, like a hug. Here, therefore, that the cat applies the same behavior with humans, when in case the owner returns home after a day of work.

Natural and instinctive behaviors that, however, not in all cases can be understood univocally, as in the case of purrs that do not always mean that the cat is happy and wants to caress: sometimes it is a way to make it clear that he does not feel well or when he is hungry and needs to be near his master.

Furthermore, in the video it is explained how a unique relationship is created between the cat and its owner starting from the meow that the cat has adopted not so much to communicate with his fellow humans as with humans, for which he establishes a unique and personal communication with his master who will learn to talk to him and it will be a type of communication that only they will be able to decipher.

This is why it is emphasized that each meow is different from the other and that it is “a secret language that only the owner can truly understand”. The moral of the story is why a relationship and a bond so intimate that no other person will be able to understand is created between the cat and its owner.

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