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The horoscope: what May your dog will be like

horoscope dog


The horoscope: what May your dog will be like

Even our four-legged friends can be influenced by the stars. So let’s take a look at the horoscope and see what the month of May will be like for our dog

Dog (Pixabay Photo)

May will see our friends at four paws particularly lively. But, with the passage of Mercury from Gemini to Cancer, the desire for fun will give way to that of pampering, which will be accentuated especially in puppies.
Mars, in collaboration with the obligation to remain indoors which has been going on for quite a long time, will bring the dog to be a little more restless than usual.
But let’s see specifically, for each sign, what we have in store May with the horoscope of the dog!

The horoscope: what May your dog will be like

horoscope dog
Dog (Pixabay Photo)

Aries – The natives of the sign love to play with any object they find scattered around the house. This can be a lot of fun but it can also be dangerous if one of your clutches happens to be a particularly precious one. But rest assured, this month Mercury in Gemini will come to your rescue, and will help you move dexterously in your spaces, avoiding breaking valuable objects. You will be particularly eager to cuddle.

Taurus – You love spring and would like to make the most of the beautiful days but unfortunately, thanks to the lockdown and Mars in Aquarius, you will not be able to fully enjoy this period, especially in the first half of the month.
Unfortunately, you will spend most of your time playing games with humans close to you, not even very entertained. But don’t worry, you can do it again soon.

Gemini – Walking is your favorite activity, above all because it allows you to socialize with other animals a four paws and get to know the new arrivals in the neighborhood. It is also the ideal opportunity to show your style, your charm and your grace. But be careful, especially in the second half of May, Mars in Pisces fosters the spirits and could trigger a quarrel with another dog arrogant and hateful.

Cancer – This month will be a bit delicate for the natives of the sign. Gemini planets make you particularly susceptible.
Throughout the month you will pay particular attention to your humans and their movements. You will control them suspiciously, fearing that they will induce you to perform actions with some trap.
But rest assured, the humans around you love you, and even if sometimes they are a little more rigid and strict, they constantly care about you.

Dog (Pixabay Photo)

Lion – The Planets in Gemini encourage you to be happy and company. You are eager to play with others puppies and to be surrounded by many people. But for the time being, you will have to get enough of the humans who are with you every day.
But thanks to Mars in Pisces, May will also be a month of finds. In the second half of the month it could come out of a ball or bone, which had been lost some time ago. So the hunt is open!

Virgin – I puppies a little more spoiled by this sign will have to regulate themselves. Even if you are used to being particularly pampered, sometimes it is better to be more complacent. If you refuse any crunchy or food to be placed in the bowl, your owners may decide to give you a little lesson, leaving you without food. So be a little more malleable, if only for your benefit. Twin planets also make your humans nervous, not just you.

Weight scale – The influence of Mercury makes you particularly active and dynamic, but be careful not to ruin the plants of your humans while playing or digging in the garden. Towards the end of month, with the entry of Mercury into Cancer, you could cause some damage and unleash the anger of your masters.
In that case, run for cover and use your sweetness and your joy to obtain their forgiveness.

Scorpio May it makes you particularly nostalgic. Your gaze will show a touch of melancholy towards someone you used to spend time with, walking or playing happily. This month leads you to be more inclined to love: you would like to meet one little dog, preferably from Cancer or Pisces, and spend moments of intimacy.

Dog (Pixabay Photo)

Sagittarius – This month Mars makes you particularly restless and this leads you to bark frequently from the balcony or in the garden, looking for the complicity of others dogs. But this way of doing is not allowed always and at all times. So don’t be surprised if your humans call you back or punish you.
Look for an alternative way to calm your soul, perhaps with caresses. Remember that human puppies are increasingly likely to bestow cuddles.

Capricorn – You feel neglected by your humans, who tend to engage in smart working. The planets in Gemini make you feel super charged and you just need more consideration from them to make you feel like a king.
Be careful of the diet, Jupiter in your Sign tends to make you gain weight, do not overdo it with food and above all do not spoil that of others.

aquarium – This month you are particularly empathetic towards human puppies, being able to clearly perceive their mood. If you give them comfort when they are sad, they will reward you with demonstrations of affection and pampering.
May it is also a month of meetings favored by Venus in Gemini, pay attention to new arrivals in the neighborhood, among them there could be some bitches very affable.

Fishes – Your humans, definitely busy in this period, make you feel a little lonely. But their attitude is not due to a lack of affection for you. Try to convey a little joy by welcoming them in a festive way when they return home and wagging your tail.

Mars will make you very active by giving you the desire to run in the meadows, especially in the second half of the month.

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