The great discipline of the brave police dogs (photos)


In this photo, a group of five German Shepherds is led by a black Labrador. Police dogs line up for a hot meal served by the instructor. The photo was taken in a Chinese police school.

Military discipline is applied to everyone, including animals, who have to submit to it. They stand in single file, neatly ordered, while they wait for their hot meal. The following photos show how the Chinese police train dogs. Animals are sent to school when they are still puppies. They are recognized for their uncommon courage. They discover drugs and bombs, chase and stop criminals but, above all, they defend their masters who they cannot do without.

discipline police dogs in line to eat2

« A good police dog must respect these 4 conditions: he must be fast, have a good appetite, be brave and possessive, »Says the handler of the police dogs of the Hangzhou base.

The following photo, on the other hand, was taken in Finland in 1940. Patrol dogs on the Finnish border await their meal in single file. As you can see, similar practices already existed more than a few decades ago.

discipline police dogs in line to eat 3

In your opinion, is it a good way to train and educate an animal?


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