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The funniest wildlife photography contest: nominees


The funniest wildlife photography contest: nominees

Every year, a competition for the funniest photography of wild animals – Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards (CWPA). Which wildlife representatives got caught in 2019 and who won prizes?

The main prize went to Sarah Skinner for taking a picture of a little lion cub who decided to play billiards with his father. The photo has a “talking” name – “Grab a life for …”.

As a prize, Sarah received a ticket to a week-long safari in Kenya. There she will have the opportunity to “click” many more funny shots, watching giraffes, leopards, elephants and, of course, lions. By the way, the fate of the lion cub in the photo worried many who saw this dangerous shot. But, fortunately, everything is fine with him – the lion dad, apparently, was not very offended.

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A bit of competition history

The CWPA has been running since 2014. Its organizers are wildlife enthusiasts and Tanzania photographers Tom Sallam and Paul Joynson Hicks. The main idea of ​​the contest is to show that wildlife has a direct bearing on humor.

Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards co-founder and chief justice Tom Sallam, in an interview with Guinness World Records, said: “The competition came from a simple desire: to show wildlife as fun as possible. Show that these incredible animals can make us laugh. After all, we share our planet with them and can become closer. By promoting humor, you can create a positive connection in people with wild animals. And this helps to make more efforts to maintain their numbers. “

The competition received a wide response among photographers, and its popularity continues to grow. In 2019, nearly 4,000 applications were submitted from 68 different countries.

As the geographical range of participants expands, so does the diversity of the animals represented. Co-founder Paul Joynson-Hicks said: “Every year we hold this contest, and it is becoming more interesting to watch how people notice and capture the funny side of the wild. And every year we see more and more species humor – for example, penguins, lions, chimpanzees and even bees. From some photos, my children just roll on the floor in hysteria. ”

“Of course, another aspect of our fun contest is to remind people that they can become conservationists. Our planet is in distress, and we need to think about how we can help it. Therefore, we work with wildlife conservation funds. ”

Tom Sallam said: “Most often in the photo there are penguins, seals, polar bears and squirrels – each of them has its own funny moments. And the more different species we see, the more we realize that every animal has very funny moments in life. ”

For example, in 2016, Angela Bolke won the main prize, removing a fox buried in the snow with her head.

How does the refereeing process

Tom explained: “We have a jury consisting of professional photographers, as well as public figures and activists, TV presenters, actors, etc. Each judge evaluates the photos anonymously, and then we summarize the votes. Everything is very simple and transparent. ”

“The interesting thing is how people react differently to photographs. One judge may find the photo ridiculous, while another will give the same picture a low rating. can rate the same image with a low rating. But in any case, a clear leader is always determined. ”

Important! To participate in the competition, the photo must be of good quality – clear, with good sharpness. And always funny!

Finalists 2019

The Audience Award went to Harry Walker. It captures a very surprised sea otter, which seems to say, “What are you doing!”

Interesting! Sea otters have the densest fur among animals. Each square centimeter of their body is covered with approximately 160,000 hairs. For comparison, cats have 9,300 hairs per square centimeter.

Also among the finalists was a picture of Pablo Daniel Fernandez. It depicts a Japanese macaque with a very serious expression on his face. She seemed to show the photographer how to properly hold the camera in her hands. And, it seems, we are doing this … with our feet. Or it shows miracles of acrobatics.

Also very sporty and acrobatic came out on the picture of a fox. One of the heroines of the photo flips the second either in dance or in a fight.

Susan Knowler sent a funny shot to the contest, in which three capybaras follow the bird like bodyguards.

And Vicki Jauron captured a very cute smiling snowy owl.

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