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The disturbing x-ray of a pug shows all the health problems this dog breed suffers from

The disturbing x-ray of a pug shows all the health problems this dog breed suffers from


The disturbing x-ray of a pug shows all the health problems this dog breed suffers from

The reasons why dogs are considered man’s best friends they are different: their unshakeable loyalty, their adorable faces and the unconditional love they give us, are just a few examples. When it comes to choosing our beautiful little four-legged companions, there are several breeds that always seem to make their way into our hearts first and among these there is the pug – among the cutest small dogs there are. It will be that they are small and many people can afford to keep it at home, it will be that their rounded eyes inspire a great sympathy, but there is certainly something in these little creatures that makes them among the most adopted dogs ever. Yet the pug is a breed that also has many ailments; seeing this X-ray scan, you can guess why.

The actor and comedian Andy Richter posted on Twitter a photo of the MRI of your friend’s dog, generating a series of reactions and comments on social media. On the post, the man simply wrote, “My friend’s pug went to the vet.” The photo attached to the sentence was somewhat disturbingbut also fun in a way: since then it has collected more than 131,000 reactions and almost 16,000 Retweets.

Although the image might seem funny, in reality, it highlights the way in which the original appearance of the pugs has been revolutionized by human breeding. What you see is X-ray scan of a pug’s face. This breed of dogs seems to be very different from any other breed, mainly because of their flattened muzzles and the excessively large wide eyes; after years of selective breeding by human beings who desperately tried to get more and more “cute” pugs, this is the result that has been achieved: a cute dog, suffering from a thousand problems, including respiratory problems, eye problems, allergies, epilepsy, lack of blood flow to the head, back problems and difficulty giving birth.

Dr. Cowlam went on to say that it was all the fault of human selection: “We raised them to look more like a child than a dog, just because we find him cute. Unfortunately, the sweet and cute aspect of the pug it is not beneficial for the animal. The pugs are certainly adorable, but anyone who wants to adopt one must be willing to cover the costs of all visits to the vet and all the potential procedures needed to keep him healthy. ”

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