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The conservation of Spanish eagles

The conservation of Spanish eagles –– My animals


The conservation of Spanish eagles

Why is eagles conservation so important in Spain? Both the eagle and the golden eagle respond to the image we have of the great eagles. Inhabitants of the mountains and the cliffs in their most aggressive, elegant and majestic areas in their flight, jackets that catch their prey among their powerful claws, are a symbol of our fauna.

But ignorance and ignorance helped to consider them enemies and competitors of the human being, with the consequent desire for their extermination. That is why its conservation is so important today.

The conservation of Spanish eagles

The increasing knowledge of wildlife has helped to raise awareness of the need to preserve the natural heritage. Thus, we have left behind the years in which Spain rewarded the death of birds of prey.

The attempts at extermination did not hit the spot and our country still has the most important European population of a golden eagle and a golden eagle. In spite of everything, the battle is still far from being won. Approximately 80% of the specimens born of both species do not reach reproductive age, to which is added the high percentage of deaths of adult individuals each year.

Generalities of both species

The golden eagle

It is known by its scientific name as Aquila chrysaetos. It is one of our biggest raptors and, without a doubt, one of the most extraordinary birds that fly over the Spanish skies.


Population and distribution

The Spanish eagle population is the most important in Western Europe. But suffers a worrying decline and irregular distribution by peninsular geography. There are around 1200 breeding pairs in our country, of the 5000 European couples.

In the Iberian Peninsula, its territory is in the most mountainous and less humanized areas. Perched on a rock or on a tree branch, they go dormant most of the day, while watching their domains.


It is varied, although it is based on 70 to 90% of small mammals, especially rabbits and hares, but also reptiles and small birds. Nor do they disdain dead animals and it is not uncommon to see them fly over the carrion while driving away the vultures.

But if the ecological function of the golden eagle stands out as something, it is as a superpredator: capture foxes, garduñas, ginetas or wild cats. This helps control their populations and also limits the spread of diseases by hunting sick or injured prey.

The partridge eagle

Known by its scientific name Aquila fasciata, is a medium-sized bird, characteristic of mountainous systems. Its wingspan is about 170 centimeters, and it can weigh up to 2.5 kilos, especially in the case of females.

Bluebird Eagle (Aquila fasciata)


In Europe there are approximately 900 couples and the most important reproductive nucleus is in our country, with about 750 couples. Most of them are found in the Subbética, Penibética, Iberian and Sierra Morena mountain ranges.

It is a sedentary raptor that installs its nests in mountainous areas of low altitude. It is aggressive and precise of large territorial domains, so it expels from them the great vultures when they invade them.


The lost eagle is an eminently hunting bird that is not known scavenger habits. Dams that do not exceed six kilos are part of their diet, especially rabbits, pigeons, partridges, corvids and large reptiles.

Because of its ability to fly to catch birds, it is a very valuable species for the population control of corvids.

The conservation of Spanish eagles


His biggest problems are:

  • The alteration of the habitat by the hand of man.
  • The increase in mortality due to electrocution, shooting, poisons or plunder.
  • The decrease in food resources as a result of the decline in rabbit populations.
  • The impact of certain outdoor human activities, such as climbing.

What is the solution?

  • Ensure tranquility in the breeding areas during the breeding season.
  • Reduce unnatural mortality.
  • Ensure optimal populations of natural dams.

Its powerful flights and majestic appearance continue to seduce us. How many types of eagles are there? What are their characteristics? Read more “

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