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The cats playing on the wheel



The cats playing on the wheel

Playing with the cat is important, it helps to keep it healthy. Crazy cats with the wheel. A video that has gone viral on the net and has been around the web for a couple of years. It is a fun way to to entertain the domestic felines! In addition to the wheel, a person thanks to a small laser light projects a dot, thus intriguing the cats that do not resist and start running, have fun. Obviously, there is no shortage of small tumbles, and the most curious cats who approach the object as spectators.

Playing with the cat helps keep it healthy. There are several clues that suggest that the cat is bored.

The game helps the cat in its psychophysical development, it also offers stimuli for its cognitive faculties.

There are several ways to play, each of which contributes to the harmonious development of the animal in its growth and maintenance period. Games with which to recreate “predatory” sequences for which the instinct and nature of the cat is stimulated. There are games with which to stimulate the cat’s curiosity such as hiding food inside balls or at home.

Finally, there are certain games to keep the cat in shape, especially if he lives in the house and does not have much space to run or climb. So much so that there are numerous proposals for accessories for our domestic felines, including the wheel and that as it emerges from this video, it is very popular, even more if stimulated as in this case by laser light.

Here is the video:

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