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The cat’s eyes shine in the dark: that’s the main reason

the cat's eyes shine in the dark


The cat’s eyes shine in the dark: that’s the main reason

Being in front of a cat at night can be frightening, as its eyes light up in the dark and can seem “freaked out”. But why do the cat’s eyes shine in the dark?

The cat’s eyes shine in the dark: this is the main reason (Pixabay photo)

Did you ever get scared when you found yourself in front of a cat at night in a room or in a dark street? Well yes, it is precisely the effect that they have kitty eyes seen in the dark, as they shine a lot.

But how come the eyes of our furry friends light up like headlights in the dark? Let’s find out all there is to know about this topic.

Why do cats’ eyes shine in the dark?

feline eyes
Why do cats’ eyes shine in the dark? (photo Pixabay)

In addition to being very charming eyes of cats, they have characteristics that differ from the human eyes. In fact cats not only have a view at 200 degrees and humans only at 180 degrees, but they have the ability to see much better than man in the dark. This depends both on the presence of the “tapetum lucidum”And by the largest number of rods, photoreceptors that allow vision when there is little light.

Tapetum lucidum: what it is and how it works

The tapetum lucidum is a membrane positioned in the back of the eye of the feline and its function is to reflect both the light and the captured image on the retina.

This membrane allows the cat to capture even a very small ray of light. When in the dark the cat needs to capture more light, at this point the pupils dilate and occupy the whole part of the cat’s eye.

In this way the tapetum lucidum assimilates the light, reflects it again and does the eyes of cats shine. So there brightness of the cat’s eyes in the dark it is the product of light that the latter manages to capture. Furthermore, precisely for this reason, cats are also capable of seeing in the dark much better than human beings.

The eyes of cats shine in different colors

cat eyes
The eyes of cats shine in different colors (photo Pixabay)

The tapetum lucidum not only does the cat’s eyes shine but can also make them light up in a different color. Indeed this membrane It contains zinc is riboflavin and depending on their percentage, the color of the eye that shines depends.

In addition to this also the breed and characteristics of the feline determine the color of the eye, therefore the latter is connected to the phenotype of the cat.

For this reason, the eyes of our furry friends can shine with colors such as yellow, green and red, the latter usually if the cat has blue eyes.

For this reason in the photos the eyes of cats usually come with these colors. It is also advisable not to take photos with the flash, as the light of the latter can annoy the cat.

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