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The best trivia about cats Curiosities From The World, Facts, Knowledge

The best trivia about cats Curiosities From The World, Facts, Knowledge


The best trivia about cats Curiosities From The World, Facts, Knowledge

The debate over whether a dog or a cat is better is able to start a war, break up a marriage and end a greatest friendship. Discussing the superiority of one species over another is a hot spot for many, but there are facts about cats that everyone agrees on. Walking your own paths envy cats not only their supporters, hours spent at work behind the desk, everyone would happily exchange for a cat lounging in the sun, every dog ​​owner would prefer that his pet was as easy to look after as a cat, everyone also agrees about this, that there is no better decoration for human knees than a cat lying and grunting on them.

No matter which of your pets you like the most, the following interesting facts about cats they will fascinate you, and maybe thanks to them you will appreciate and like these purring furries even more.

    1. Nearly one million cats are eaten each year in Asian countries.
    2. The cat spends an average of 2/3 a day napping. This means that the nine-year-old cat has slept through all six years of his life.
    3. Cats use up 1/3 of the time when they are awake when washing.
    4. Unlike dogs, cats do not recognize the sweet taste.

      Cats sleep 2/3 of their lives

    5. Males are usually left-handed, while most females use their right paw more often. Interestingly, the majority of left-handed people are also male.
    6. Cats easily climb trees, but going back to earth is a problem for them. Hooked claws are bent only in one direction, so the descent from the tree must be in the same position as the entrance, i.e. head up.
    7. Cats make about 100 different sounds, dogs only about 10.
    8. Despite the widespread belief that the Egyptians were the first to domesticate cats, the oldest tomb with a tame cat was found in Cyprus and is older than the Egyptian paintings of cats by about 4 thousand. years.
    9. In the fourteenth century, Pope Innocent VIII recognized cats as the incarnation of evil, which resulted in the mass burning of these animals. The extermination of cats facilitated the rapid increase in the number of rats that contributed to the spread of black death, one of the largest epidemics in human history.
    10. Cats are the most popular pet in North America. It is estimated that about 73 million cats and 10 million fewer dogs live in their homes.
    11. Cat's hearing is better than dog's hearing. Cats are able to pick up sounds at a higher frequency than those heard by humans.
    12. The maximum speed of a running cat is 49km / h.
    13. A cat can jump with one leap to a height of 5 times the length of its stretched body.

      black cat
      The black cat is a symbol of happiness in Great Britain and Australia

    14. Cats rub against human legs not only because they like it, but also to mark their territory with the scent glands located around the mouth.
    15. In 1888 more than 300,000 mummified cats have been found in Egypt. They were transported to the USA and England and used as fertilizer on local farms.
    16. In most litters there are from 1 to 9 females. There were 19 kittens in the record litter, out of which 15 survived.
    17. While in most European and American countries, black cats are a symbol of bad luck, in Great Britain and Australia they are considered lucky.
    18. The most popular among cats with pedigree breed is Pers, followed by Main Coon and Siam.
    19. The most expensive cat in the world is Little Nicky – it cost owners nearly PLN 150,000. and was the first cat cloned to order.
    20. Cats usually have 12 whiskers on each side of the mouth.
    21. Experts are divided on how cats flawlessly find their way home. Some say that cats use the refraction of sunlight for this, others that cats have magnetized cells in the brain that act as a compass.
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  1. The cat's jaw does not move sideways, which is why cats are not able to chew large pieces of food.
  2. Cat's back is very flexible, because it consists of 53 loosely connected vertebrae. The human spine has only 34 vertebrae.
  3. Cats have 32 muscles that control the movements of the outer ear – people only have 6. They can rotate both ears 180 degrees independently of each other.
  4. The world's fattest cat, Himmy from Australia, weighed 21 kilograms.
  5. The oldest cat so far, Creme Puff from the USA, passed behind the rainbow bridge three days after his 38th birthday. Cats can usually live up to 20 years, which corresponds to 98 human years.
  6. The cat's skeleton is made of 230 bones, and the human skeleton is made of 206. Cats do not have a collarbone, so they will easily squeeze through every hole the size of their head.

    cat's nose
    Each cat's nose is as unique as the tips of human fingers

  7. Each cat's nose is covered with a unique pattern of lines that create a unique pattern just like the fingerprints on human fingertips.
  8. Cat's heart beats almost twice as fast as human – it performs about 110 – 140 beats per minute.
  9. Cats don't have as many sweat glands as humans do – they sweat only on the soles of their paws.
  10. Only in 7 years, one cat couple and her offspring are able to give birth to an incredible number of kittens – up to 420 thousand.
  11. Adult cats have 30 teeth. Kittens are born toothless, and then they grow 26 milk teeth, which they lose when they are about half a year old.
  12. Cats are extremely sensitive to vibrations and vibrations. Apparently they are able to sense the impending earthquake 10-15 minutes in front of a person.
  13. The cat who survived the fall from the greatest height is Andy. This cat emerged unscathed from a fall from the 16th floor (approx. 60m).
  14. The hind cat's claws are much less sharp than the front ones because they do not hide when walking and therefore wear off much faster.
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Which of these 35 best trivia about cats surprised you the most?

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