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The best mothers of the animal kingdom

Madres ejemplares reino animal


The best mothers of the animal kingdom

What would it be without them? In the animal world there are many incredibly special mothers because of their reputation for exemplary moms, who carefully care for their young with all their love and commitment, although we must recognize that some more than others. Let’s meet the best animal moms!

Mom elephant


Elephant moms give birth to the largest offspring on the planet (average of 90 kg). They support a very long pregnancy of 22 months. Their young are born blind, and their survival depends on their mothers mainly, although the rest of the family also usually helps.

Mom crocodile

Mom crocodile

Once the baby crocodiles are born, Moms carry them inside their mouths during the first years of their lives to protect them.

Mom cheetah

Cheetah Mom

Cheetah moms are a clear example of perseverance. They have 4 to 6 offspring and She has the task of teaching them to hunt, survive and fend for themselves for a period of approximately 2 years.

Mom Elephant Marine

Mother elephant sea

They feed their young for a month a milk so fat that it will make you fat approximately 4 or 5 kilos a day. During this process, she will not hunt and will not feed, which will cause her to lose more than 130 kg in this time.

Mom orangutan

Orangutan mom

Orangutan moms build their nests with foliage and branches every night. People say that approximately builds about 30,000 homes throughout his life! They never abandon their babies, until they are 6 or 7 years old of life.

Mom Polar Bear

Mom polar bear

Male polar bears leave females once they have reproduced. It will be they who will carry out the offspring. For a long period of time they cannot feed and their young will drink their milk, which will cause them to lose a huge amount of weight, which will later have to recover.

Mom octopus

Mom octopus

Octopus moms lay more than 50,000 eggs! It will take 40 days for the eggs to develop, in the meantime, the mother stays with them protecting them all the time in addition you must constantly blow water currents to obtain oxygen. Since they spend so much time on this and they can’t feed, many times after the eggs hatch they die …

Mama Dermaáptero or Tijereta

Mom earwig

Insects do not usually stand out for having maternal instincts, but earwigs do. They take care of their eggs by cleaning them from fungi, protecting them from predators and giving them heat. And not only that, they take care of them once they have hatched, feeding them (even with parts of their own body if necessary).

Mom Koala

Mom koala

At birth, the koalas remain about 6 months in the mother’s bag, drinking milk and finishing forming. In the meantime, Koalas will sleep about 10pm a day (more than lazy people). Later, mom koalas feed their little ones with their own feces in vaccine mode, so they can get special bacteria to digest eucalyptus leaves.

Mama Cálao of Sulawesi

Mama Calao

They make their nests in tree holes. Because eggs are the favorite food of lizards, they must seal the entrance to the nest with something very special … their own excrement! Moms they will remain in the nest for 2 months protecting and incubating the eggs, without food and supporting the smell.

Oh moms … What would we do without them? ? HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!

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