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The benefits of pets


The benefits of pets

Our pets bring us so much more than we can imagine! Discover all the good reasons to adopt a dog or a cat in terms of benefits for your mental health but also physical and cardiovascular… It is up to you to give your animal, as it should be, the good care and the affection necessary for its wellness!

Moral benefits (mental well-being)

In children

It is recognized that the presence of a pet in the home promotes good psychological development of children, by increasing his self-confidence and increasing his sense of responsibility when he takes care of a 4-legged companion. Besides, the animal is an element soothing and reassuring for children, and it has a stabilizing effect on their psychic development.

The animal as mediator

The pet also has a role of social mediator, in decreasing social isolation and depression, which are two factors that increase the risk of mortality. he promotes social life, especially in people with social, physical, educational or therapeutic difficulties.

Indeed, for people with motor disabilities, the service dog gives her the autonomy she needs, so does guide dog paves the way for the visually impaired. Finally, in retirement homes, pets facilitate or strengthen social connections between individuals through interactions with them.

The concept of animal therapy

Zootherapy is literally defined as treatment or therapy thanks to the animal. It is cure or improve the conditions of certain patients or sick people through contact with animals.

In the case of people with the diseaseAlzheimer, children autism or having behavioral disorders, the pet – whether it is a dog, a cat or even a horse – provides a recognized psychological well-being.

Health benefits (physical well-being)

In babies and children

Having a pet in the home has multiple benefits for the children who live there. Indeed, it is shown that children have better immune defenses, and that the risk of certain diseases, like the flu or the common cold, is decreases. In addition, in children who live and grow up with a pet, there are fewer respiratory conditions and ear infections.

The risk of allergies and asthma are equally reduced, especially if the child is in contact with an animal during its first year of age.

Cardio-protective virtues

The benefits of the pet are also felt on the cardiovascular health of their owner. According to a Swedish study, the mortality risk East reduced by around 35% for a single person living with an animal, and it is reduced by 15% if the household is made up of several people.

In addition, the risk of developing cardiovascular disease is reduced. Indeed, when we caress his cat or his dog, a whole cascade of good things follows: the level of endorphins (the hormones of pleasure and happiness) increases, the levels of adrenaline and cortisol (the stress hormones in particular) decrease, heart rate and blood pressure decrease and breathing slows down … It is the same when you observe the inhabitants of your aquarium!

In conclusion, the risks of myocardial infarction and high blood pressure are reduced ! Petting your pet therefore only has positive effects on your health!

Did you know ? There are “cat bars” in several large French cities where you can come and pet cats to take advantage of the soothing and cardio-protective effects of purring and the presence of felines! Again, the concept of animal therapy can be emphasized.

Physical activity and other benefits

The benefits of the pet are also found during daily outings, indeed, a regular physical activity is essential for both the dog and its owner. This is all the more true for people living alone with their dog as they benefit from even more physical activity.

Daily outings with a dog therefore allow you to reduce the risk of obesity of its owner and would even have a regulatory effect on the bulimic behavior of certain people …

To remember : having a cat or dog in the home is the cause of virtuous circle for its owner, for his physical and mental health : indeed, always from good mood, your 4-legged friend has a warm welcome, and without judgment. It then contributes to decrease stress of its owner and brings him all the benefits that we mentioned above!

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