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The artistic side of nature: this bee colony has built a heart-shaped beehive


The artistic side of nature: this bee colony has built a heart-shaped beehive

The bees, the bumblebees and all pollinating insects they are often appearing on the headlines of magazines and online newspapers for usually not very positive reasons: their number – or, as they say, their biomass – is in constant decline, with serious consequences on plant species and the human livelihood that they produce It depends. There are many initiatives that are being put in place to stem the phenomenon, starting from read more and more iron (but still not enough) on the use of pesticidestrue enemies of these industrious animals.

In this article, however, we want to break the series of negative news on this topic and show you something that will certainly make you love bees even more: a hive with a more unique shape than rare.

Usually we are used to imagining the bee hive as one series of cells arranged linearly, because beekeepers offer these insects supports on which to build their nest specially designed to allow the collection of honey. But in nature these animals have a completely different approach to engineering: when they build the hives, perhaps in the empty cavity of a tree, they follow different logics, creating unique and fascinating shapes. As in the case of bees of the Bodiam Castle to Robertsbridge, in the United Kingdom, who have created a beautiful shape that resembles a heart.

The photo, shared by The National Trust page, has obviously been appreciated and shared by users all over the world. Not only do these animals offer a free pollination service thanks to which we can taste juicy fruits and nutritious vegetables, but they also manage to amaze us with an unexpected artistic side. All excellent reasons to love them and protect them with ever greater determination.

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