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The animals of Noah’s ark

The animals of Noah's ark - My animals


The animals of Noah’s ark

In the Bible, specifically in Genesis, there is talk of God’s decision to punish men for their bad behaviors. His actions were tinged with violence and corrupted by sin. Thus begins the story of Noah’s ark, its construction and the different species of animals that it included in it.

Why was Noah’s ark built?

God commanded Noah to be built, considered a just man, a large ark, where there must be room for a couple of all the animals in the world. The ark was constructed with gofer wood and was equipped so that both animals and humans were comfortable.

When Noah finished building the ark, God revealed his plan. He was going to release a flood that would cover the entire earth and eliminate evil from it.

What animals entered Noah’s ark?

The order given was to include a couple of each species of animals to later repopulate the land. God included all animals, from vertebrates such as reptiles, amphibians, mammals or birds to invertebrates.

However, God divided the number of individuals of each species according to whether they were ‘pure animals’ or ‘ungodly animals’. Of the former, seven couples, male and female, would be included, while the latter, on the contrary, only one pair would be included.

Animals considered ‘pure’

As already mentioned above, God did not classify all animals equally. He subdivides them into two groups, as he considers them pure or impure.

In this section, all those animals that believers could eat are included. Those ruminants with split hooves are included; aquatic animals could only feed on those with fins and scales.

With regard to birds, it allowed feeding on a small group, such as chickens. It allowed to eat insects with wings and four legs whenever they jumped, that is, grasshoppers or crickets.

In this way, God spoke: «Among all the people […], I have seen that you are the only good man. Therefore, enter the houseboat with your whole family. Of all the animals and birds that I accept as an offering, take seven couples with you, that is, seven males and seven females, so that they continue to live on earth.

Animals ‘impious’ or ‘impure’

With respect to the rest of the animals, God said: «Of the animals that I do not accept as an offering, take only one couple. In a week I will make it rain 40 days and 40 nights. In this world I will destroy everything I have created.»

The question that arises is what animals God considered impure, since only one couple could enter the ark. The list is collected in Leviticus 11, which explains in detail what the characteristics of these animals were.

It was forbidden to approach ruminants with split hooves, such as the hare, the camel or the rabbit. Nor did it allow feeding on the pig because, despite having hooves, it was not ruminant.

Not allowed to feed on night birds, scavengers or large, such as ostrich, stork or vulture. On the other hand, swallows, bats, owls or owls should not be included in the diet.

Insects with four legs, but which have wings, are also impure, as are all those animals that crawl on the ground or have many legs, such as lizards, salamanders, weasels or centipedes.

When did the first story of Noah’s ark appear?

It was in 1844, in the ruins of the Assyrian palace of Nineveh, when Austen Henry Layard found the first tablets of cuneiform writing. These tablets are the first written record found and they told different stories, some recorded in the Bible.

Noah's Ark Recreation

Among those stories were the Universal Flood and Noah’s ark, which were recounted in the book of Genesis. But it was not until 1872 when it was perceived that these stories were told on these tablets.

This showed, in a way, that the stories of the Bible have a historical background. More tablets were recovered and fragments were completed, which fit them like a puzzle.

Thus, the oldest story in the world was rebuilt, which has more than 2000 years of history. This story is called Gilgamesh.

From such emblematic books as the Bible, known historical events can be extracted.

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