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The 7 worst dog breeds for novice owners (Shocking)

The 7 worst dog breeds for novice owners - My animals


The 7 worst dog breeds for novice owners (Shocking)

Is there a list with the worst and best dog breeds for novice owners? Although it may surprise, they do exist, because This is a subject that has been studied by social scientists.

In fact, unraveling the factors that influence animal misconduct – including the inexperience of the owner – are of great interest to various sectors. Among them, breeders and canine societies, but also local councils and local governments that try to deal with abandoned dog and cat populations.

Review of scientific findings: what influences canine behavior?

For decades, the dog with bad behavior is seen – to a large extent – as the product of lack of authority, discipline and control by your tutor.

In addition, with the passage of time, certain stereotypes were popularized that diverted attention from the behavioral problems inherent in some races.

Even today, The idea of ​​the incompetent tutor has followers. However, mostly, the evidence that links the dog’s behavioral problems with the tutor’s performance is inconclusive.

Despite the limited evidence that supports these ideas, trainers and animal behavior counselors propose that some particular types of dog-guardian interaction can help enhance domain-related problems. Between them:

  • Allow the dog to ‘win’ in competitive games
  • Feed it before meals
  • Allow you to sleep in the bedroom or in bed

Commonly, there are many behavioral problems in dogs for novice owners. However, other studies found no statistically significant associations between these two variables.

When educating, race matters

Some dog breeds have certain innate traits that make them easier or harder to handle.

It is good to keep in mind that some traits that may seem inconvenient to a tutor may be the same traits that define their good performance in the jobs for which they were raised. For example abilities to stalk, hunt, be a guardian.

So, the most energetic dog breeds will need daily physical activity. Otherwise, they will throw tantrums in varying degrees of severity. It is its nature, but it can be a challenge for your tutor.

1. Airedale terrier

The dog of this breed is a character: independent, intelligent and stubborn. He keeps his tutors laughing, and alerts, since he is a notorious digger.

It is not good with other dogs or animals and needs a lot of stimulation, both physical and mental.

2. Bullmastiff


The bullmastiff is a dedicated guardian. It has a great impulse of prey and much independence, which together with its large size It can easily overwhelm an owner.

You need positive training and firm limits. He also needs someone to follow him with a mop, because this dog can drool a lot and create puddles on the floors. It is not an ideal breed to share with other dogs.

3. Bulldog

Overall, this is an adorable and good-natured dog. His physical features make him particularly sensitive to heat, exercise and stress. He can not swim.

It is prone to a variety of health problems and some may say that It is a challenge in training. However, his fans don’t care: his entertaining pranks and his relaxed attitude make up for him in the right home.

4. Siberian Husky

He is happy and affectionate is a working dog that thrives in cold and snowy climates. He was raised to pull sleds over long distances: A short walk along the block will not help keep this breed well cared for.

Dogs of this breed are very good escape artists and have a strong predatory impulse. They are not a good option for homes with cats or small pets.

5. German shepherd

Highly intelligent and guardian, it has adapted to a variety of jobs: guide dog, police and military dog, among others. They need a lot of training and exercise. They also have a predisposition to develop some very serious health problems, such as hip dysplasia and neurological problems.

6. Dalmatian, one of the worst dog breeds for novice owners

Dalmatian running

This breed was raised to work as a carriage guard dog. Thus he became the traditional fire dog: he has an infinite ability to exercise.

However, the traits that made it perfect for this job can make it a challenge at home. If you get bored, the Dalmatian can be destructive.

7. Weimaraner

The “Gray Ghost” earned his nickname by the habit of following his tutor closely. This dog is extremely energetic and does not like to be left alone. Separation anxiety can be a real problem with this breed.

You need a lot of daily activity. It can also be difficult to tame and be a danger to cats and other small pets.

Final note

It is important to keep in mind that any dog ​​can be friendly or aggressive depending on the treatment and the environment in which it is.

This article has not been intended to imply that certain races are “bad” by nature, but to point out that in certain circumstances – such as when there is loneliness, lack of socialization and education – they can behave in a different way than expected and desired.

The most prudent thing to do when acquiring a dog is to inform yourself well about your vital impulses and, from that knowledge, ponder whether or not you can give the new family member the dedication he would need.

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