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The 5 best dog feeds

The 5 best dog feeds


The 5 best dog feeds

L’dog feeding it is really important: the health of our 4-legged friends, in fact, is closely related to the feeds that are offered to them, therefore it is essential to opt only and exclusively for quality products.

So what are the top 5 dog feeds? The best e-commerce in the sector are full of attractive proposals, from this point of view it can be useful, for example, to view the PetIngros section dedicated precisely to accessories for dogs and feed: let’s find out immediately then 5 products that really deserve a lot of consideration.

1. Royal Canin Puppy, wet feed for puppies


Royal Canin Puppy is a specifically formulated feed for puppies: this aspect is very important since the nutritional needs of small dogs are profoundly different from those of the larger specimens.

Add to this the fact that Royal Canin is an absolutely renowned brand in this sector, as a result there are very few doubts that this feed is of quality.

Royal Canin Puppy is a wet food, and dogs of any age are known to have a soft spot for this type of food, probably because of their intense aroma or because they are very similar to the food they might get in nature; given this characteristic, this feed must be consumed within a short time after its opening.

This feed has been formulated to promote the correct growth of the puppy and to enhance all the characteristics that should always distinguish a “puppy”, that is liveliness, energy and cheerfulness.

Royal Canin Puppy offers a mix of meat and vegetable ingredients, therefore it offers a truly appropriate nutritional contribution, also in its formulation there are other very precious elements such as oils, fats, yeasts and minerals.

Dogs have always proved to be absolutely fond of this tasty food, so even from the point of view of taste Royal Canin does not betray the expectations.

If you are thinking of purchasing this feed, this advice may be useful: if you have to feed a single specimen, it is preferable to opt for small packs, since Royal Canin Puppy, just like all wet feeds, cannot be kept as long as it is instead for dry feed.

2. N&D Chicken and Pomegranate Croquettes


Even N&D, just like Royal Canin, is a real icon as far as dog feed is concerned, and the product in question is aimed at specimens of small and medium size, exactly up to 25 kg in weight.

The N&D Chicken and Pomegranate croquettes can also be kept for a long time, being a dry food, therefore it is not a problem at all to buy large packs, indeed it can be a very interesting solution in terms of savings.

The combination of chicken, an extremely protein-rich ingredient, and pomegranate, a fruit rich in vitamins, is quite innovative and proves to be a very interesting choice, both nutritionally and in terms of taste: the dogs have in fact shown to really appreciate this food.

It should also be stressed that the N&D Chicken and Pomegranate croquettes are strictly “grain free”, therefore they do not provide any trace of cereals: this aspect is very important as cereals are not a good ingredient for feeding dogs, being often cause of allergies and intolerances.

Other potentially harmful elements, such as dyes and preservatives, are also completely absent, and this is a further strength of this N&D branded product which has been not surprisingly successful.

3. Purina Pro Plan Adult 7+ Chicken & Rice


As previously mentioned, in choosing the feed to offer to your dog it is essential to take into account the age, therefore it is more appropriate than ever to include in this “top five” also a feed dedicated to older specimens.

Purina Pro Plan Adult 7+ Chicken & Rice is a product of the Purina brand, authentic excellence of the sector: in the Pro Plan line, feeds dedicated to older specimens have been included, and as you can guess from the name, the one in question is caters to dogs over 7 years old.

The chicken-rice combination is really very interesting: chicken is a protein-rich food, while rice provides good amounts of energy while being absolutely light and digestible.

To complete the interesting formulation of this feed there are also rich quantities of vitamin E, a strong antioxidant that can certainly prove useful for a specimen of old age, fish oil, rich in Omega 3 essential fatty acids, very useful for the elderly specimen especially for the prevention of inflammation, without neglecting the fibers.

It should also be noted that Purina has also conceived this feed in order to facilitate chewing: for the elderly dog, in fact, this factor can also have its relevance.

Purina Pro Plan Adult 7+ Chicken & Rice is a dry food, therefore it is not a problem at all to buy large packs as the product is best preserved once opened.

4. Hill’s Canine Ripe Lamb Lamb and Rice


Hill’s is also a highly appreciated brand in the world of dog feed and also this feed, Hill’s Canine Mature Lamb, is considered very suitable for specimens in old age.

The main strength of the Hill’s Canine Mature Lamb feed is that it is highly digestible, an aspect that is certainly very important for dogs that are no longer young, but also useful for specimens of different ages; in addition, the use of this feed is also highly recommended for dogs affected by food intolerances.

The formulation of this feed involves the combination of lamb, a highly protein-rich and easy-to-digest meat, and rice, an authentic reference point in terms of digestibility.

Moreover, this feed was formulated by Hill’s also in order to make the stool more consistent.

5. Eukanuba Dog Base Senior Large Breeds Chicken


Among the 5 best dog feeds, an Eukanuba product deserves a mention, a brand that has always known how to stand out for the quality of its proposals.

This feed has been specially designed for i large adult dogstherefore weighing more than 25 kg and over 5 years of age.

Eukanuba has formulated this product in order to prevent all the main problems that may arise in old age, or for example osteoporosis.

In the formula of this product stands out the presence of two high-protein elements such as chicken and turkey, also the presence of vitamin E and fatty acids which contribute to the protection of the specimen’s immune system is very rich.

There is no lack of additional vitamins, such as A, E and D3, and mineral salts are also present in large quantities.

Eukanuba Dog Base Senior Large Breeds Chicken is a dry food, therefore it can be stored without problems once the package is opened, it is also free of artificial preservatives and flavorings.

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