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The 25 largest dogs in the world Curiosities From The World, Facts, Knowledge

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The 25 largest dogs in the world Curiosities From The World, Facts, Knowledge

The International Kennel Club currently recognizes 332 dog breeds. In the following raking we present the 25 largest of them, taking into account the height of the animal.

Here are the breeds they belong to the largest dogs in the world – huge quadrupeds awakening their monumental physique, and often terror.

1. Great Dane – height 72-110cm, weight 45-90kg

Here is the largest breed of dog in the world. Her highest representative, which has been noted so far, was a dog named Zeus, whose height at the withers reached as much as 111.8cm. The gigantic body of the German dog contains a friendly temperament. These dogs very much demand petting from their owners, they are friendly to other animals and people known to them. They are suitable for families with children, especially if they are brought up in their surroundings from the first months of life.

2. English Mastiff – height 70-90cm, weight 75-120 kg

the largest dogs of the world english mastiff
photo: Radovan Rohovsky –, CC BY-SA 3.0

This is not only one of the largest dogs in the world, but also the heaviest – it was the representative of this breed, weighing 155.6 kg, the individual named Zorba, who became in 1989. entered into the Guinness Book of Records as the heaviest dog in the world. The Guinness Book has not accepted this type of records for several years, so Zorba remains officially the most massive dog in the world today. The English Mastiff is a breed that combines massiveness and courage with gentle nature. Well-arranged individuals of this breed are strong, and at the same time calm and loyal dogs. Due to their dimensions and the need for movement, they are best suited for homes with large gardens.

3. Bernard – height 65-90cm, weight 55-100 kg

the largest dogs of the world Bernardine

This great breed of dogs was bred by Swiss monks from a monastery founded by Saint. Bernard – hence their name. Initially, Bernardines were used as guard and draft dogs, and with time they began to function as mountain guides, saving pilgrims who were missing in the fog or snowstorm. Bernardine is a classic example of a gentle giant – he is a calm, patient dog, loving the company of man, including children. The most famous dog of this breed was Barry, who lived over 200 years ago, who saved the lives of over 40 people in the Swiss mountains. His crafted and stuffed body can now be seen in the Bern museum.

4. Bully Kutta – height up to 89cm, weight up to 90kg

The world's largest dogs are bully kutta

Apart from Pakistan, which is the country of its origin, this breed is better known under the name Pakistani Mastiff. Bred to guard grazing sheep, today these dogs are mainly used to fight among themselves – although such a sport in Pakistan has been banned some time ago, in practice it is still very popular, especially among the rural population. Kutta Bully during fights show extraordinary strength, endurance and aggression. They are suitable only for resolute owners, because only through consistent upbringing they will develop such qualities as patience, self-control and a caring attitude towards their master.

5. Kangal – height 77-86cm, weight 50-80kg

the largest kangal dogs in the world

These dogs bred in Turkey are very similar to Anatolian shepherd dogs, but they belong to a separate breed. Its representatives are extremely effective in defending flocks of sheep against predators of various sizes, from wolves to lions to bears. The innate defensive instinct, loyalty to the owner and the gentleness of kangals towards children make them increasingly popular as family dogs and guarding homes.

6. Akbasz – height 73-83cm, weight 38-60kg

The largest dogs in the world
photo: OrysiaD – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

This is another breed in this list of the largest dogs in the world bred in Turkey. Its representatives are mainly used to defend flocks of sheep and goats. Dogs of this breed have very balanced characters, they are neither withdrawn nor aggressive. They are very gentle with the young members of the flocks they are guarding, but when a threat arises, they are able to protect the flock even from a bear. Akbasz is a very intelligent, brave and independent dog who feels best working according to the purpose of his breed, which is why he is not very popular as a companion dog.

7. Landseer – height 67-82cm, weight 50-80kg

the largest landseer dogs in the world

They are dogs with very friendly and peaceful characters, bred in Canada. Landseers love to swim, which they are well suited to – their fingers are connected by a swim membrane. Dogs of this breed used to help fishermen, today they are used mainly in water rescue. Landseers are very inclined to defend weaker individuals, especially children, but in Poland this breed rarely appears as a family or companion dog.

8. These are – height 62-82cm, weight 36-61 kg

the largest dogs in the world tosa
photo: BUKADAI..JPG: Ludivine HOUDAS

It is a dog breed bred in one of the Japanese provinces, from which it took its name. Tosa in his country of origin is bred mainly as a breed of fighting dogs, which in Japan are considered a national heritage. These massive dogs are courageous and brave by nature, which is why they should be properly raised and socialized from a puppy so that they do not grow into unpredictable and aggressive animals. In some countries, breeding of this large dog breed is prohibited (including Norway and Great Britain), and in Poland is on the list of aggressive dog breeds.

9. Anatolian – height 71-81cm, weight 40-65kg

the largest Anatolian dogs in the world
photo: Tibilou, Franck Balzar, CC BY-SA 3.0,

In Poland, better known under the name Anatolian shepherd or Anatolian shepherd dog, they are bred in Turkish Anatolia. In this country, Anatolian is still used in accordance with its original purpose – as a shepherd dog, to defend farm animals. These great dogs require consistent obedience training – their strong triterial instincts make them dangerous to strangers without proper upbringing. In Poland, this breed is included in the list of aggressive dog breeds.

10. Komondor – height 70-80cm, weight 49-52 kg

the biggest dogs of the world komodor

This breed is also referred to as Hungarian shepherd dogs, because it was in Hungary that she was bred and her main purpose was to defend and herd herds. Representatives of this great breed are also often referred to as dog mops, due to their characteristic hair twisted into felt strings. Such a garment protects komondors against excessive heat and frost. These dogs have quite a difficult character, they are characterized by a low degree of obedience and distrust of strangers, therefore they must be led by very experienced people.

11. Leonberger – height 65-80, weight 41-75 kg

the largest dogs of the world leonberger

We sometimes call a “gentle lion”, Leonberger took its name from the German city of Leonberg, because it is just outside our western border that this rare breed of dogs was bred in our country. Despite their considerable size, these dogs are very gentle and obedient, without a tendency to aggression, they love the company of people and playing in the open air, while they endure loneliness very badly.

12. Irish Wolfhound – height 71-79cm, weight 40.5-54.5 kg

The largest dogs of the world, the Irish Wolfhound

This one of the largest dog breeds in the world was bred in Ireland, where it was initially used for hunting wolves and deer, and former Irish rulers placed her images in their coats of arms, next to the clover and harp. Irish Wolfhounds are fairly easy to train, mild-tempered, very patient and gentle with children, very attached to the owners. They are not aggressive, but they will bravely defend theirs if something threatens them.

13. Black Russian Terrier – height 66-78cm, weight 45-60kg

world's largest dogs Russian terrier

After World War II, in the then Soviet Union, work began on breeding a universal dog breed that will be able to perform well in all the diverse climatic zones of the country. After several decades of work, the scientists finally managed to create a breed of tough, brave, easily learning and cooperating dogs with humans. Black Russian Terriers are great as watchdogs, they also do not need special living conditions – they are suited to both houses with a garden and small urban apartments.

14. Scottish Greyhound – height 71-76 cm, weight 36.5 – 45.5 kg

The largest dogs in the world are Scottish Greyhounds

This breed bred in Great Britain, like the Irish Wolfhound, was used to hunt wolves and deer. Today these dogs, with a very calm and friendly temperament, are most often companion dogs. Adults love to spend the day napping in a comfortable position on the floor or sofa, but these dogs should be provided with a daily dose of activity, preferably in the form of long walks and retrieving. Although Scottish greyhounds like the company of children, due to the large size of this breed, you should never leave unaccompanied children in their company.

15. Caucasian Shepherd – height 67-75cm, weight 45-100 kg

the largest dogs of the world Caucasian shepherd

This is another breed in the ranking of the largest dogs in the world bred in the former Soviet Union. The original purpose of the Caucasian Shepherds was to guard sheep flocks against predator attacks, after World War II they were also used in the army and militia, and even to patrol borders in the then East Germany. Dogs of this breed have a very strong territorial instinct – they do not tolerate strangers in their area. They require solid training from the first months of life, preferably led by an experienced trainer. Due to the tendency to aggression and large size, these dogs are not recommended for families with children. In Poland, Caucasian shepherds are entered on the list of aggressive dog breeds.

16. Neapolitan Mastiff – weight 60-75cm, weight 50-70 kg

The largest dogs of the world Neapolitan Mastiff
photo: Tim Dawson – Flickr: Standing Neo,

This is a great, rare breed in Poland, dog breed bred in Italy. Neapolitan Mastiffs are great guard dogs, they are extremely patronizing towards their owners, they will fight fiercely in case of danger. These dogs bark very little and are known for quiet approaching intruders instead of loudly notifying them about their presence. Although they are very intelligent and learn quickly, they will never be completely obedient, nor are they fully aware of their strength, so it’s better not to keep them in homes with children.

17. Kuvasz – height 60-75cm, weight 30-52kg

the world's largest dogs kuvasz
photo: Kuvaszprince –

This breed was bred in Hungary, where it was once used to defend and herd herds, and nowadays individuals of this breed bred as companion dogs are increasingly found. Kuvasz is an intelligent dog – he learns very quickly; independent – works without waiting for instructions; defensive – it effectively protects not only the flock, but also its owners and household members, towards whom it is extremely loyal. Kuvasz looks very much like our native Tatra Sheepdog.

18. A large Swiss shepherd dog – height 60-72cm, weight up to 65kg

The world's largest dogs. Swiss shepherd dog

This breed is very similar to Bernese Mountain Dogs, but with short hair. In Switzerland, where they were bred, these dogs were once used not only to herd herds, but also because of their strength, to pull carts with the goods of local traders. These dogs are gentle giants – despite their impressive size, they are very calm and love the company of people, they feel great in families with children. Large Swiss Shepherd Dogs are also good guardians – they are very vigilant, and when they sense a threat they effectively raise the alarm.

19. Newfoundland – height 66-71 cm, weight 45-70 kg

Newfoundland Largest Dogs in the World

This breed was bred in Canadian Newfoundland and was used by local fishermen to help pull the nets out of the sea. Today, Newfoundland, thanks to the innate ability of excellent swimming, is used in water rescue, and this work is also facilitated by dense, wet-resistant fur and paws with swim membranes. Newfoundlands are dogs with a very gentle disposition, are extremely patient and love the company of children, which is why they often play the role of dogs-therapists.

twenty. Bernese Mountain Dog – height 58-70cm, weight 36-50 kg

the largest dogs in the world, Bernard shepherd dog

A shepherd dog breed originating in Switzerland. They used to help shepherds graze sheep, today they are bred mainly as family dogs, because their gentle and friendly character is great in the presence of children. Bernese Mountain Dogs are also great in the role of a guard, avalanche rescue dog, they are often used in the therapy of the sick and the disabled, they are also trained as accompanying dogs.

21. Cane Corso – height 60-68cm, weight 40-50kg

the biggest dogs in the world cane corso
photo: Claudio Domiziani,

These are great dogs of Italian origin, whose name in Latin means “dog protector”. They were once bred to help in hunting large animals and to protect pigs and households, and today this breed is most often used as a guard dog. Cane Corso is only suitable for experienced owners, because the puppy requires consistent and hard training to learn to respond defensively only in situations of real danger.

22. Dog from Bordeaux – height 58-68cm, weight 45-55kg

The largest dogs in the world from Bordeaux

Originally this breed bred in France was hunting and guarding – now Bordeaux dogs are mainly family dogs, but often also guard dogs. French Mastiffs, because this breed is also known under this name, are gentle dogs, suitable for families with children, provided that they are raised by a consistent, responsible owner.

23. Tibetan Mastiff – 60-66cm, weight up to 60kg

the largest dogs of the world tibetan mastiff
photo: Pleple2000, GFDL,

Most European mastiffs come from this breed, bred in Tibet. Currently, this giant with long, thick fur is often found at dog shows, although its original purpose was to herd the flock and protect it against the attacks of wolves, bears and tigers. Properly raised from a puppy, the Tibetan Mastiff becomes a calm and obedient dog, though with a lively temperament and frequent willingness to play. Currently, these one of the largest dogs in the world are becoming increasingly popular in Poland.

24. boerboel – height up to 61-66cm, weight 60-80kg

the largest boerboel dogs in the world

Boerboels, one of the largest dogs in the world, were bred in South Africa, where they helped farmers protect and herd pigs. Dogs of this breed must be properly trained from the puppy, otherwise they can pose a threat to the environment – they can attack strangers, growl even at the owners, and left alone for a long time in the apartment are able to demolish them. Boerboel works great as a guard and guard dog.

25. Argentine dog – height 58-60cm, weight 45-65kg

the largest dogs in the world. Argentine dog

Hunting breed bred 90 years ago by an Argentine doctor with the intention of hunting large game. Argentine dogs are very muscular dogs, thanks to which they are fast, strong and efficient. These dogs are very devoted to their owners, but they should be socialized from a puppy, because provoked they become very brave, they also do not tolerate other individuals of the same sex on their territory. When deciding on this great dog, it should be taken into account that this is a very energetic breed that requires frequent physical activity. Argentine dogs are another among the largest dog breeds, which in Poland is on the list of aggressive dogs.

They are among the owners of these largest dogs in the world?

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