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The 10 Strongest Dog Breeds in the World + Characteristics

stronger dogs


The 10 Strongest Dog Breeds in the World + Characteristics

Strongest Dog Breeds in the World and their Characteristics – Some breeds of dogs are truly particular, both for aesthetic and character reasons. Today we discover the top ten of the strongest dogs in the world.

stronger dogs
The strongest dog breeds in the world (Photo Pexels)

Among the many animals in the world, there are some that are usually associated with strength: we can think of the lion, the gorilla, the bear, and who knows how many other animals come to mind. But if we look carefully, even in the smallest of our house a real energumen could be hidden: our four-legged friend, Fido, could be a great force. So let’s find out which are the ten strongest dog breeds in the world, with some more information on their character and their physical characteristics.

The strongest dog breeds

10. Siberian Husky

Husky in the snow (Pixabay Photo)
Husky in the snow (Pixabay Photo)

The Siberian Husky is a medium-sized dog with thick fur, this breed of dogs has a lot of strength to be a working dog and has high endurance. Huskies can work in packs, they can even move loads at moderate speeds on ice. These robust dogs are friendly and graceful and have almond-shaped blue or black eyes.

This furry has a great energy, which helps him to participate in high impact activities, and can jump to about 180 cm in height. Huskies are originally from Siberia and love the company of their owners. These sled dogs have many features that help them withstand colder temperatures: their fur is long and water resistant at the top, they use the tail to cover the body up to the face.

  • Character: loyal, outgoing, mischievous
  • Height: 53-60 cm (male), 50-56 cm (female)
  • Weight: 20-27 kg (male), 16-22 kg (female)
  • Life expectancy: 12-14 years

9. Rhodesian ridgeback

Rhodesian Ridgeback
Rhodesian Ridgeback (Pixabay Photo)

The Rhodesian Ridgeback is a dog suitable for everyone, with high resistance, with the characteristic lock of hair that grows backwards in its body, a unique peculiarity of these dogs. The origin of this very strong breed is Rhodesia, from which they take their name. They have a great ability to track down and catch other animals, and in fact they were used in the past for lion hunting. Ridgebacks are very fast and powerful athletes, they can weigh about 31 to 38 kg and the main color of the coat is a shade of wheat color, and have a black or brown nose.

These dogs have a strong character and are independent. This dog is more suitable for living at home and keeping watch, in fact they are very suitable dogs to prevent intruders from entering. These dogs are famous for their endurance and strength, as well as for being fearless in appearance too. They have a deep chest, thanks to which they can gain more resistance. Long legs and tapered tails are also their particularity.

  • Character: affectionate, dignified, fairly temperate
  • Height: 63-68 cm (male), 61-66 cm (female)
  • Weight: 38 kg (male), 31 kg (female)
  • Life expectancy: 10-12 years

8. Irish greyhound

Irish greyhound
The Irish greyhound (Flickr photo)

Here is another strong breed of dog, the Irish greyhound (or Irish Wolfhound). Aside from this feature, this is also the tallest breed of dog in the world. These great playful ones are muscular dogs, they are able to run at very high speed at a gallop. Their coats have many colors, such as white, gray, red and black, and their appearance can frighten intruders, although they are usually very patient with children. However, since they are quite large in size, they should be supervised in the presence of small children.

I am a very adaptable family companion, sometimes they also adapt to cats. This ancient breed of dog originated in Ireland, and these dogs played a significant role in hunting and war. But this brave quadruped is not always so aggressive, even though these dogs are not the most suitable for an apartment life. In fact, they need an area large enough to run a lot: they need about 40 minutes of daily exercise, this strong dog needs adequate training.

  • Character: courageous, dignified, calm
  • Height: minimum 81 cm (male), minimum 76 cm (female)
  • Weight: 54 kg (male), 47 kg (female)
  • Life expectancy: 6-8 years

7. Saint Bernard

Saint Bernard
San Bernardo (Pixabay Photo)

The San Bernardo is useful in several ways: originally they were guards in the Colle di San Bernardo, hence the name, but often also played a role in helping lost and injured travelers. These days they enjoy family life as nice pets, but also participate in weightlifting competitions. Strength and power make them very suitable for all difficult tasks.

The San Bernardo has dark eyes, a short muzzle and wrinkled eyebrows. They look like ferocious dogs with their giant size, but are actually quite calm. This dog takes a long time to grow mentally, in fact it remains like a big puppy for a few years, and does not bark without reason. Even if they have thick fur, they are not suitable for living outside the family, and at the same time, they cannot endure too much heat.

  • Character: playful, charming, curious
  • Height: 70-90 cm (male), 65-80 cm (female)
  • Weight: 75-100 kg (male), 55-65 kg (female)
  • Life expectancy: 8-10 years

6. Rottweiler

large breed dog
The Rottweiler. (Pixabay photo)

The rottweiler is medium to large in size, and this robust working dog is a kind playmate, but within the family circle they act as protectors. This strong breed of dogs has a short black coat with beautiful signs, and looks quite calm and confident in appearance. They originally helped in the shepherd city of Rottweil. Their work included moving objects from place to market, and protecting property from intruders. Hence their name. Subsequently, he became a police and personal watchdog.

Another important fact is that they were the first guide dogs for blind people. They have also been used in search and rescue operations. For example, in cities like Oklahoma City and the World Trade Center, they have made significant contributions in these disaster cases. One thing is for sure, their muscular body makes them suitable for all these tasks.

  • Character: loyal, loving, confident guardian
  • Height: 61-69 cm (male), 56-63 cm (female)
  • Weight: 43-61 kg (male), 36-45 kg (female)
  • Life expectancy: 9-10 years

5. CCaucasian shepherd ane

Caucasian shepherd dog
Caucasian Shepherd Dog (Pinterest photo)

The CCaucasian shepherd ane is another breed among the strongest dogs in the world. They are muscular dogs from the mountainous regions of the Caucasus and their strong bones and very short hair give them a unique appearance. These dogs are relatively large in size, and their breed developed from the old Caucasian dog variety. In the mountains, they took on the role of watchdogs, saving sheep from predators such as bears and jackals.

This breed is very intelligent and reacts to unfamiliar people, in fact they are used as guard dogs in western regions. This dog requires good training in an organized way or it will be difficult to socialize it. His fur is waterproof, and he has a high hearing. Furthermore, an advantage of this hardworking giant is that it can adapt to all climatic conditions, even the toughest ones. To vent his energy, he needs outdoor activities and exercises. However, he needs optimal training, as he easily gets out of control.

  • Character: fearless, bold, kind
  • Height: 58-76 cm
  • Weight: 45-77 kg
  • Expectation of life: 10-12 years

4. Dogo Argentino

dogs of Latin American origin
Dogo Argentino (iStock Photo)

The Dogo Argentino is a large white dog originating in Argentina. In the past they have been used for big game hunting, including wild boar and cougars. In fact, this dog is brave enough to protect his companions, and the powerful and athletic body makes them more rigid. The robust head and the elegant neck are very powerful, and have a muscular body, a good nose and a great lung capacity.

This dog is very versatile in its functions, it is also suitable for search and rescue operations, and also in military work, this Argentine hero had a chance to stand out. The role of service and assistance dogs of the police is also suitable for them, so much so that the Dogo makes any hard work possible thanks to its enormous strength.

  • Character: friendly, cheerful, humble
  • Height: 61-68 cm (male), 60-66 cm (female)
  • Weight: 36-45 kg
  • Expectation of life: 9-15 years

3. American Pit Bull Terrier

pitbull forced to follow scooter
Pitbull Terrier (Pixabay Photo)

The pit bulls were bred initially to raise the bulls, later they became a family dog ​​breed, in fact they are very kind to children and have courage and tenacity. In weight lifting sports, these dogs have been used due to their enormous strength, but they also participate in obedience competitions and in some agility games. The pit bull needs adequate training to socialize, and it is best not to choose this dog if we don’t have enough time to prepare them.

They can be an excellent companion for children, but they can defend people to death if necessary. These dogs are quite intelligent, and quickly learn the commands. They like to participate in every activity that surrounds them.

  • Character: confident, intelligent, good-natured
  • Height: 45-48 cm (male), 43-46 (female)
  • Weight: 25-32 kg (male), 18-25 kg (female)
  • Expectation of life: 12-16 years

2. Kangal

Kangal: in second place in the top ten of the strongest dogs (Photo Flickr)

The second place in our top ten is the Kangal: they are robust dogs with a large body and massive bones. Natives of Turkey, they are used as guardians against predators, for their strength. The head is relatively larger, and the ears are generally wide; they are quite long, with the tail typically curled. This dog has a thick short fur over the skin, gray in color, while the ears are black velvet in color and consistency.

They are usually held in pairs or groups, they are kind to children and other animals, but they are aggressive towards predators. They can protect goats, sheep and cattle: on farms and outdoor properties, this dog has an active role. This breed has speed, courage and strength to overwhelm any intruder even with shocking bite power.

  • Character: calm, loyal, daring, courageous, independent behavior
  • Height: 76-81 cm (male), 71-76 cm (female)
  • Weight: 50-66 kg (male), 40-55 kg (female)
  • Expectation of life: from 12 to 15 years

1. Tibetan mastiff

Tibetan mastiff strong dogs
The Tibetan Mastiff: the winner of our top ten (Photo Flickr)

At the top of our top ten of the strongest dogs in the world, we have the Tibetan mastiff, previously used in Tibet as a guard dog. These dogs are alert and imposing in character, so much so that the families kept these dense-haired dogs precisely because of the various characteristics of this breed: they are sweet and calm towards the family, but very aggressive towards strangers. Their appearance includes V-shaped ears, brown eyes and a wide head. The huge size of this dog makes it impossible to keep it in the apartment, and is more active in the morning and evening, where it needs a lot of exercise to stay healthy.

This breed of dogs can exercise with its human family, and because of this protective nature, they should be kept on a leash while walking or they may become very aggressive. They need proper training and early socialization. They can be very friendly with children, but they can confuse her with screams and become aggressive: for this reason they are not ideal for young children.

  • Character: independent, reserved, intelligent
  • Height: minimum 66 cm (male), minimum 60 cm (female)
  • Weight: 40-70 kg (male), 30-55 kg (female)
  • Expectation of life: 10-12 years

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