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Tarantulas that swim and stay afloat – Nightmare of all arachnophobics

Tarantulas that swim and stay afloat are the new nightmare of all arachnophobics


Tarantulas that swim and stay afloat – Nightmare of all arachnophobics

Who is afraid of spiders would do anything just to keep them away, as for example he could decide to dig a ditch all around and fill it with water, in order to prevent the frightening spiders from being able to reach it. On the other hand, you know, spiders cannot swim and in general there are few insects that manage to get along well with water.

A video circulating on Facebook would disprove all of this and reveal a real nightmare to those suffering from arachnophobia: a corpulent tarantula passes through a puddle full of water, as if nothing had happened!

The video was recorded in Texas in Big Bend State Park, and features a tarantula: nothing unusual, given that the tarantula it is a fairly frequent animal in the southern United States, so much so that there is an autochthonous species characterized by a body with brown shades.

However the video has made thousands of shares because it shows something that many believed impossible and that is a real nightmare for those who fear spiders: the tarantula in fact, walk on a beach and then in a puddle, as if nothing had happened! It does not change its path at the sight of the water nor does it struggle to overcome that obstacle: on the contrary, it walks quickly helped by its 8 legs.

It is therefore clear that water is not a valid defense against these not too adorable animals. Unlike other insects that use water to walk on water surface tension (in a nutshell, the cohesive force between the molecules that forms a sort of “trampoline” to walk on), the spider shown in the video seems to have developed a real swimming technique not to drown.

An interesting discovery for those who love the animal world and all its elements; a real nightmare for those who are afraid of spiders!

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