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Stars That help Animals: Names | History | Reason


Stars That help Animals: Names | History | Reason

Many people are sure that stars always strive to emphasize their status by acquiring the best and most expensive. Therefore, it was believed that celebrities are owners of purebred pets. But in fact, this is not entirely true. Because many famous people like to help homeless animals. Which star does this all the time?

Konstantin Khabensky

Konstantin decided to take the dog from the shelter. He chose the most sick and frightened animal that could still be helped. The actor named his pet Frosy. Thanks to the care and care of the owner, the dog recovered very quickly.

Khabensky very carefully treats his four-legged friend. He tries not to leave Frosy alone for a long time. Therefore, the dog accompanies the actor on all trips. For the sake of his pet, Konstantin has to abandon overnight stays in comfortable hotels. The actor knows that Frosya is panicky afraid of the dark. So at night a man always leaves the light on. Konstantin, despite his busy work schedule, finds time for communication and games with his pet. The actor absolutely does not want the dog to again feel abandoned and forgotten.

Danila Kozlovsky

Danila Kozlovsky dreamed of a thoroughbred dog. He longed for a Labrador to live in his house. However, this dream was not destined to come true.

The actor during his vacation in Georgia found on the highway an unfortunate homeless puppy. Danila decided to shelter him for a while, and then give it in good hands. However, Kozlovsky soon became so attached to the baby that he kept it for himself. The man called the puppy a Pear.

Leonardo di Caprio

Leonardo di Caprio always liked to care for animals. As a child, he often fed stray cats and dogs. The actor became the founder of several animal shelters immediately after fame and money came to him. Moreover, Leonardo was determined to become a vegetarian. He also occasionally releases environmental videos.

Olga Orlova

Olga saw a post on her friend’s page asking for help for a stray dog. Without thinking twice, the girl decided to respond and took the animal to overexposure. The TV presenter brought the dog, which Asya called, in order, and also took her to the veterinarian. Asya was sterilized and given her all the necessary vaccinations.

As a result, Orlova did not want to look for new owners for the dog, but decided to keep it for herself. In addition to Asya, two more pets lived in the house. Olga picked up a cur in the street Dina, and Bruno saved the “defective” sharpei from euthanasia.

Sergey Lazarev

Sergey Lazarev found his first pet in a shelter, where a social video was filmed. The singer liked the black and white puppy. Therefore, without thinking twice, the man took him home. Sergei named the dog Daisy in honor of the hero, whom he had a chance to play in the theater. Lazarev strive to spend as much time as possible with his darling. Sometimes he takes her on trips. Daisy even managed to go on stage. During a long tour, the singer communicates with her pet via video communication.

Sergey also took the second dog in the shelter. The man named the new darling Fox. Both dogs, according to Lazarev, get along well with each other. The singer constantly urges his fans to follow his example and take animals from shelters.

Ryan Gosling

The famous Hollywood actor Ryan Gosling also believes that it is necessary to provide assistance to homeless animals. He saved the unfortunate shaggy outbred dog from euthanasia, taking him from the shelter. Communication with the pet gives Ryan a lot of joy and pleasure. He repeatedly admitted that this four-legged friend was like a son to him. The actor practically does not part with his pet and often takes him in his arms.


Miguel, thanks to his colleague in the dance project, found out about animals from the shelter, which the volunteers could not find owners for a long time. The choreographer decided to take one of the curs. He called the dog Barium. Thus fulfilled Miguel’s long-standing desire. After all, he dreamed about a dog from early childhood.

Christmas tree

The tree prefers to hide some details of his personal life. Therefore, nothing is known about the star’s pets. But in the public domain there is information about the social activities of the singer.

The Christmas tree helps the charity fund, which is engaged in finding owners for shelter wards. Thanks to the participation of the singer in exhibitions, already a huge number of animals fell into good hands. The star herself likes to participate in the work of the fund and make her contribution to the rescue of homeless cats and dogs.

According to the Christmas tree, the organizers of the exhibitions help not only animals, but also people. But this is indeed so. Since a person who decides to have a pet commits a strong and serious act. It is such actions that enable people to become more responsible and conscious.

A lot of famous people happily help homeless animals, donate money to shelters. Thanks to their activities, cats and dogs get a chance to find a new home and loving owners.

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