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Standard Poodle – History | facts | Size | Weight | Types | Colors

Standard Poodle - History Facts Size Weight Type Colors


Standard Poodle – History | facts | Size | Weight | Types | Colors

Standard Poodle – By intelligence, poodles lead among other breeds of dogs and are inferior only to a border collie. They are friendly, attentive, active and able to become a true friend to man. The poodle easily remembers the commands and performs complex tricks, therefore it is considered to be the trainer’s favorite dog.

standard poodle

The origin of the Poodle Breed

Even in ancient times there were animals that looked like a poodle. The breed got its name in France in the 15th-16th century and mostly dogs were found among hunters, travel enthusiasts and sailors. Small-sized dogs were bred in the country and were companions of wandering artists and musicians, performed in circuses and were popular as animals for searching for truffles.

The home of the dog breed Poodle is a country such as France. At the very beginning, the dogs were used for hunting, but gradually the French king Henry 4 began to use them for his own protection. A species such as the Royal Poodle emerged as a result of an increase in the breed of royal individuals.

Royal Poodle dog

For some time, only representatives of the French aristocracy had the right to start the poodle’s home, and if they broke the law, they caught up with death.

Some time after Europe’s entry into the path of democracy, hunters were able to have loyal assistants in the form of dogs of such a breed. This breed of dog was mainly used for catching waterfowl. In the poodle, the body is covered with wool in the form of rings, which are tightly adjacent to each other, which helped the dogs to avoid strong hypothermia in water and injuries.

However, the hair of animals is too long and impedes their movement when wet. For this reason, over time, hunters began to make pet haircuts.

Poodle breeds with photo

On the territory of red Moscow, such a breed of dog appeared in the 19th century after the conquest of Europe. During World War II, poodles helped carry the wounded out of the battlefields, searched for mines, and worked closely with intelligence officers.

Poodle breeds with photo

Poodle breed is divided into 4 species, taking into account the growth at the withers. However, dog experts say that these indicators do not serve as the only criterion in determining the variety of the poodle. There is some difference in the size and weight of animals, as well as the characteristics of his character and habits.

Large ( standard Poodle)

Large ( standard Poodle)

The standard poodle is also called royal and the growth of such a dog is 45-60 cm. A dog of this size requires appropriate living conditions and a playground. The standard poodle successfully gives in to training and can become a hunting or service dog. The standard breed poodle is friendly towards others, therefore it is not capable of causing harm to the owner.



A medium-sized poodle grows to 35-45 cm, and their character has a lot in common with the royal variety. Animals are obedient enough, balanced and hardy. From birth, the pet is endowed with dignity and adapts well to life in an apartment. Despite this, such a dog requires mandatory long walks with the exercise.

Dwarf Standard Poodle

Dwarf Standard Poodle

The size in the withers of a dwarf poodle is 28-35 cm. Dogs of such dimensions look quite nice and gentle, however, they have a rather resilient character. In the event that they do not receive enough love, they can be jealous of the owner and at the same time always require increased attention.

A poodle of such a breed is considered to be a rather energetic dog who loves to play with children and be out of place. In addition, the pygmy poodle considers a fairly faithful dog.

That ( the smallest )

toy poodle

Its toy poodle resembles a toy and its growth reaches only 24-28 cm. However, this type of pet is considered quite selfish, so you should not take it seriously. One of the drawbacks of the toy poodle is considered to be a miniature size, and he constantly barks. However, a pet may bite if it is refused to be recognized as a full dog.

Poodle colors

Poodles are a breed of dog that amazes with a variety of colors. In some cases, when puppies are crossed into the light, puppies appear with very unusual colors. Canine experts allocate 6 basic colors of poodles:

  1. Black poodle This color is considered a classic dog. Wool is colored black and does not have any marks. Through the hair of the black poodle you can notice the skin is blue or gray.
  2. White Poodle Such coat color is considered quite common. Puppies may have a slight insertion of cream or apricot color on the ears, paws and chest.
  3. Chocolate poodle Pet’s coat is colored uniformly saturated brown. On the ears of a brown poodle, the tone is slightly lighter, and the eyes can be amber or brown.
  4. Silver poodle. Gray color is considered to be rather complicated and has formed in puppies over several years. Initially, they are born black, and it can be assumed that the wool will become silver only after 6 weeks.
  5. Red poodle The coat of such dogs has a shade of mahogany. The nose and stroke of the red poodle can be either brown or black.
  6. Peach poodle The dog’s coat can have any shade of apricot color, and as the puppy grows older, the color becomes lighter. Some adult dogs may lose their peach color and become cream-colored.
miniature poodle

In recent years, such colors as Harlequin have also been recognized, that is, a combination of white and black, and black and tan. In addition, you can find a red and blue poodle.

Type of wool

A poodle is a dog that has a sufficiently bushy and thick coat. It is considered its main advantage and makes it look unique. For this breed of dog is characterized by two types of wool: corded and curly.

The curly wool has a rumen-like structure. It is quite dense, voluminous and lush. In addition, curly wool is well elastic and naturally curled.

Cord wool moderately thick, delicate and thin. It forms a knocked-down texture in the form of countless thin cords, which are located throughout the dog’s body. The average length of the cords is not less than 20 cm. It is believed that the longer the cords of the dog, the higher the exhibition potential of such a dog.

Type of wool Poodle

In order for the dog to constantly look elegant and neat, it is recommended to comb the hair. This should be done in such a way that the wool cords hang evenly on both sides of the case. You can make an attractive tail from the wool growing above the ears and decorate it with a bow.

Health and Disease – Standard Poodle

Poodles live on average longer than other breeds. Most often, these animals have detected diseases that are inherited by him.

Poodles are prone to the following types of disease:

  1. Overgrowth of nasal passage. With this pathology during sleep, the dog snores and there are problems with breathing. It is possible to solve such a problem by surgical intervention.
  2. Heart Disease. Most often, they are acquired in nature, so it is not recommended to overload the pet.
  3. Epilepsy. Such a disease is inherited and quite problematic to treat.
  4. Pancreatic diseases that cause diabetes. Typical manifestations of this pathology are weakness, increased thirst and possible syncope.
  5. Stone on the teeth. The dog has an unpleasant odor from the mouth, and a brown bloom accumulates on the enamel. To avoid the occurrence of such a problem is possible with regular cleaning of the oral cavity.
  6. Double eyelashes. With this pathology, the dog’s eyes become inflamed and discharge appears. The solution to this problem is carried out by surgical intervention.

In addition, pathologies such as hypothyroidism, chronic active hepatitis, optic nerve hypoplasia, and abdominal distention are characteristic of this dog breed.


Lifespan Standard Poodle

With proper pet care and nutrition, life expectancy is 12-15 years .

Character and intelligence Poodle

Since birth, poodles have a friendly attitude towards people, they are ready to play with the owner for a long time, train and carry out his commands. At the same time, we must not forget about the need for proper education of the dog and its content. Without such requirements, the dog may become a deviant animal that does not adhere to generally accepted standards of behavior.

Each type of poodle character is strictly individual. You can meet those who demonstrate their pride and dignity to others and most often it concerns the royal poodle. However, frequent and just happy and friendly dogs. Many owners claim that poodles have a good intuition and are able to anticipate their desires. It is worth the owners of pets to try to give any command, as they immediately execute it.

Poodles are considered sanguine dogs, so they are fairly easy to learn and have an ideal memory.

Character and intelligence Poodle

In addition, this breed of dog has a tendency to perform various tricks and they do it with great pleasure.

Attitudes toward children and others – Standard Poodle

A poodle is a sociable and positive dog, which is important not only to be near the owner, but also to imitate him. The dog tries to exchange emotions in every way, takes part in games and treats children well. In addition, they always get along well with other animals, so aggression is not typical for them.

Attitudes toward children and others - Standard Poodle

Despite all the listed traits of character, such dogs try not only to act as companions. In the event that the owner is in danger, they are able to stand up for his defense and act as a bodyguard. Poodles are considered not fastidious animals, so they can be safely kept indoors, but at the same time they must be given the opportunity to throw out energy.

Training and education – Standard Poodles

Poodles are dogs that require mandatory training, because it gives them real pleasure. When choosing a method of training, you need to pay attention to the fact that each correctly done trick received an assessment. For the sake of the host’s praise, the dog is ready to work all day. The most effective and proven method of raising dogs of this breed is considered to be encouragement and benevolence.

The dog must be educated because his whole life will be built on the intelligence of the animal. In that case, if the pet knows a lot of commands, then it significantly increases its mood, because it increases the opportunity to show their individuality.

Training and education - Standard Poodles

Poodles love hiking, skiing and cycling. Their wool allows them to safely endure such natural phenomena as low temperatures, snow and wind. Dogs of this breed are very fond of walking on the water and in the presence of any body of water they always swim in it.

Pros and cons of Standard Poodle Breed

Pros and cons of Standard Poodle Breed

Among the advantages of such a breed should highlight their good intelligence, goodwill and sociability. In addition, such dogs are always aimed at their owner and loyal to children. Home pets are quite obedient, so an elderly person or a child of school age can be engaged in their upbringing. The peculiarity of this breed is the fact that poodles do not moult, so they can be kept in families with allergies.

Among the disadvantages of this breed of dogs are their increased physical activity, which makes them take them for a walk every day. In addition, wool requires proper care, which requires large investments. Poodles can be crossed with such breeds as the Golden Retriever, Cocker Spaniel and English Pointer.

Care and maintenance – Standard Poodle

To maintain an attractive appearance in dogs, you need to constantly monitor its coat and use special equipment for this. You should brush your pet several times a week, as the growing hair does not fall out. To carry out such a procedure, you can use a special comb and massage brush.

Care and maintenance - Standard Poodle

First you need to comb the wool on the body, and then – on the paws. To do this correctly in such a way that the movements along the fur and against it alternate. In pets, when caring for which the owners do not adhere to such a rule, wool is knitted and tangles are formed.

It is recommended to bathe the dog at least 1-2 times a month, using a special shampoo for this purpose. Before the procedure, the wool should be well combed, and when the tangles appear, cut them with scissors. Lather the pet and wash off the foam should be at least 2 times.

How to choose a puppy

The haircut should be done with a trimmer at least once every 2 months, while regularly inspecting the ears, teeth and eyes. After each walking the dog should be washed with warm water, nails cut several times a month and process them with a nail file.

Every day you need to walk with your pet, and vaccinations should be set according to the schedule for dogs. It is necessary to feed a pet with a balanced feed or with products such as raw meat, cereals. cottage cheese, milk and offal. It is not allowed to use macaroni, bakery products and products that are not fresh.

How to choose a Poodle Puppy

Before you buy a poodle, you must decide on the desired value and study the characteristics of the breed. If there are young children in the house, it is best not to acquire a toy poodle. He is considered a rather miniature dog with fragile bones, and the child during the game may simply not calculate the force.

Older people are advised to choose a dog of medium or small size. This is because these types of pets require several walks throughout the day. Big dogs are sufficient two times, but much more strength requires care for them.

When visiting the nursery you need to pay attention to active puppies, and this is especially true of the dwarf variant. The eyes of the dog should be clean without tears, strong paws and belly without protrusions. In addition, you need to assess the condition of the hair near the anus, which should be dry and clean.

cute poodle pet

In the poodle in the description of the breed indicated that the bitch is considered more relaxed and tied to the owner than a dog. However, from time to time she goes into heat and during this period she is prone to escapes. Male more emotional dog that requires long walks and at the same time constantly marks its territory. When choosing a pet, you must carefully examine the mental state of his parents and exterior. The cost of a dog ranges from 10,000 to 45,000 Russian rubles.

The Poodle is a beautiful and quick-witted breed of dog that is valued all over the world. This is due to the love of the animal to man, his sociability and easy disposition. Proper pet care and nutrition help maintain his health and maintain an attractive appearance for a long time. When choosing a pet, you should study all the features of this breed and the conditions in the apartment.

The following types of poodles are distinguished:

Royal poodle

Royal poodle rich black color type

Royal (standard, large) poodle – 45-60 cm at the withers. 20-23 kg. Suitable for maintenance in an apartment, in need of physical activity of medium intensity. Lives up to 18 years. 
Temperament is calm, quickly adapts, easy to train, get along well with other dogs and children. The royal poodle must be trained, systematically trained. Without human control, he can grow a restless, overly playful, hyperactive, and even naughty dog.

Small poodle

Small poodle Grey color poodle

Small poodle – 35-45 cm at the withers. 8-12 kg. Suitable for maintenance in an apartment subject to a rolling lifestyle and daily exercise. Lives up to 15 years.

One of the smartest dogs, easy to train, gets along well with children. The ideal choice of a pet for a large family and people leading an active lifestyle and involved in sports. Thanks to the ability to adapt, also well suited for calm people and retirees.

Miniature Poodle

Miniature Poodle black color

Miniature (miniature) poodle – 28-35 cm at the withers. 7-8 kg. Great for content in the apartment. Lives up to 15 years.

Temperament is impulsive, easy to train and learn quickly, gets along well with other animals, gets along with children. Playful and obedient. It requires attention to itself, with its lack of signs of depression. Being jealous of other dogs, if the owner pays more attention to them, can show anxiety and anxiety, even demonstrative aggression towards other animals. Can show fear of strangers.

Domestic poodle

Domestic poodle

That poodle – 22-28 cm at the withers. 6.5-7.5 kg. Exceptionally domestic dog. Lives up to 15 years.

Sociable and agile, plays with children, treats strangers friendly. A prerequisite for keeping is a lively lifestyle, lack of exercise can lead to the development of a variety of diseases characteristic of this poodle. Many dogs of this breed often bark, which makes them one of the noisiest pets. They love all family members, but they certainly become attached to someone, considering him as their master.

By color distinguish these types of poodles:

  • the black
  • white
  • brown
  • apricot
  • silver
  • red

Standard – monochrome wool.

All types of poodle have two types of coat:

  • curly (elastic, springy curls with a thin fluffy structure)
  • corded (fluffy, densely growing cords with a fine texture)

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