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Sportsmen and athletic dog


Sportsmen and athletic dog

Dancing with the dogs – Fashion has come to us from the West for different varieties of dog jogging, i.e. cani-crossu. In addition to the classic running of the man and the dog, we have skijoring (the owner of cross-country skis follows the dog), bicejoring (runs before the bicycle) or the increasingly popular sport of dog sledding in Poland (summer version: with a cart instead of a sleigh). Runs of entire families with animals are very popular in America.

These are canirando – long-distance, family rallies with dogs. An interesting discipline is also Canadian (and especially popular in Switzerland) Dog Dancing – a competition during which the guide and the dog perform exercises in time with the music.

For tough guys

American sport not based on either the agility of a dog (like agility or dog dancing) or its speed (different types of dog jogging) is weight pulling, or weightlifting. This discipline was created for strong molosso dogs whose task is to drag a loaded cart or sled. As this sport is potentially dangerous to health, the dog is admitted to the competition by a veterinarian (e.g. dogs younger than 12 months and older than 12 years are excluded from the competition).

An elastic object of desire

If we don’t feel called to dance with Azorek on the dance floor or to train a bodybuilder dog and we prefer playing in the bosom of nature, let’s go for frisbee sports. Dogs like to catch in the air or chase various objects on the ground. However, we should watch what we throw. It is better to have a light tennis ball than a heavy rubber ball or a pointed stick. With frisbee, unfortunate accidents also happen, because its edge can hurt the animal’s mouth. Elastic, soft objects are safe for dog’s teeth. Each breed has different preferences – for example, terriers like to chase squeaking toys, because they once participated in hunting for small animals.

Two wheels and four paws

A bicycle is a good thing, but not for every dog. The animal can only run with us at a trot, not at a gallop, it should not be too young. Running by a bicycle is a heavy burden on the heart and therefore only completely healthy dogs can participate. And even when Azor is healthy as a fish, you need to do his training, i.e. get used to overcoming longer and longer sections (we start from several hundred meters). Do not wrap the leash around the steering wheel or around your hand? when the dog jerks, it is always better to let him go than to fall over with him and the bicycle. It is also worth remembering that the leash should be slightly raised so that it does not get caught in the bicycle’s spokes. For safety – let’s move only on bicycle paths.

Let’s take a small dog to the wicker basket on the front wheel, the same as for small children. The dog must also be secured against falling out.

Everyone can swim

Some breeds, such as retrievers and Newfoundland, are great swimmers, but many other animals must get used to the water slowly. However, it is worth encouraging the dog to swim, because this sport improves muscle work. It is also often recommended for older dogs who are overweight or suffer from rheumatism. If
you are worried about the safety of your pet in the water (for example, he is a dog already an old, small puppy or he is suffering from heart disease), put on a kapok that will keep him on the surface of the water.

Cat gym

Cats who do not go outside are also keen on sports! An indication of this need is, for example, scratching armchairs or jumping onto cupboards. The home cat must train muscles, reflexes, relieve boredom and negative emotions. I therefore need a cat gym, or a cat tree. Sometimes it has several floors and platforms and storage space for several cats. It allows the cat to strengthen the muscles of the chest, neck and abdomen. It can be replaced with a tree bough, but it is not very stable and prevents active play. The cat needs a scratching object tall enough to stand on its two legs. Hangers, although cheap, are usually not liked by cats. A cat’s “tree” cannot have a too smooth surface (the best is sisal cord or carpet covering).

You are the winner

Specialists also recommend playing with dogs, especially those prone to dominance, in moderation. Have fun on your terms, only with a well-laid dog, and remember that you must win in strength games.
With dog on horseback and by bike

If you are planning a bike or horse trip with a dog, you should teach him first basic obedience and walking and running at the leg, initially on a leash, and later – without.

According to the regulations, horse riding in the open air with a dog is only possible in places where it is allowed to unleash the dog on a leash – i.e. only on private property … In practice, however, horse trips are often carried out in the company of dogs.

Of course, dogs must be absolutely obedient, not afraid or attack horses and not race with them. They perform best in this role: Dalmatian, pointer, pointer, foxhound, rodesian ridgeback, whippet and other greyhounds. Large and heavy dogs, such as most molosses, are not suitable, but dogs are tough, but too small, like beagle or fox terrier.

This form of walking is safe for the dog, provided that he learns to run on the left or right side of the horse, but not behind him, where the hooves can reach him.

An automatic leash with adjustable length is best suited for cycling with a dog. Wherever the rules require, the dog should run next to the bike (on the right!) On a leash. However, it is better to let him go, then we have more freedom of movement, and the dog can stop and rest when he gets tired. Also slightly slower breeds, such as German Shepherd, Golden Retriever, Labrador Retriever, Mountain Hound, Polish Hound or Alaskan Malamut are great for cycling trips.

Don’t torment your dog

The dog must be used to intensively running gradually. The dog must not be overweight, it must have a healthy heart and properly developed joints. At least a few hours before the run, you must not feed him, as this may cause a stomach twist. The frequency of stops during which the dog can drink cool water should be adjusted to the quadruped’s condition and air temperature. Most dogs are unable to run by bicycle or horse for more than a dozen minutes at a time. If the air has more than 25 degrees heat, such effort is definitely inadvisable. The pointer, pointer, whippet, dalmatian, husky, setter and belgian shepherds stand out among the most durable breeds among our breeds. (Adam Zaremba-Czereyski)

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