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Singaporean Cats – Pictures | Breed |Origin |features


Singaporean Cats – Pictures | Breed |Origin |features

Among the small breeds of cats stands out “Singapore” or Singaporean cat. A miniature, graceful cat with huge eyes won the hearts of lovers of furry pets. The baby is immensely attached to the owners, has an easygoing character, good disposition. Details about the origin of the breed, characteristics of the character, content and care will tell this article.

Origin of breed

The ancestors of modern Singaporean cats were the usual courtyards of Singapore. For a long time, nobody knew about their existence until in the seventies of the 20th century, American traveling spouses arrived in the city-state of Southeast Asia. Tommy and Hel Midow drew attention to the local fur seals with a unique color and small size. Hel decided to catch four representatives of the animal kingdom of Singapore and send to America. This decision became crucial in the process of breeding Singapore cats. By the end of 1981, the Singaporean cat became the official representative of purebred cats registered in the Association of Cat Lovers from around the world.

Appearance Features

The graceful islanders have a unique ivory color at the base with a brownish ticking. Short silky hair glistens and fits snugly to the body. Charm to the representatives of this breed adds a chiseled muscular body with small graceful limbs. The tail of Singapore is short, ending with a blunt end. On the medium-sized muzzle are huge almond-shaped eyes of a sandy greenish color.

On the face you can read the change in the emotional state of the cat. Wide ears with a pointed corner are located at an angle to the skull.

The body weight of an adult animal does not exceed three kilograms. The maximum growth of miniature pets is 20 centimeters. Graceful complaisant cats live from twelve to fifteen years.

Singaporean cat character

Singaporeans attract breeders, lovers of small pets not only in appearance. A distinctive feature of small big-eyed cats is an easygoing character, ability to empathize, high intellectual abilities and devotion to humans. In addition, they have an additional set of positive qualities:

  • the ability to exterminate mice, small rodents (not all owners are happy with this skill);
  • livable character – they tolerate the presence of dogs, other animals in the same room;
  • affection for home, all family members;
  • high intellectual abilities in conjunction with a quick reaction to events;
  • increased activity, friendliness;
  • sociability – Singaporeans can hardly stand loneliness, they will be happy to meet you at the door upon returning home;
  • absence of anger, aggression – cats calmly react to children’s games, endure hygiene procedures, are not able to attack a person;
  • caution – Singaporeans are slightly shy, which helps them avoid dangerous situations, they will not jump, try an unfamiliar object on the tooth;
  • optimistic attitude – Singapore cats are always in a good mood, they are not peculiar to vindictiveness, jealousy.

Representatives of this exotic breed are able to understand what the owner wants from them, to memorize and carry out some simple commands. These cats without fear of water, on the contrary, love water procedures. It should be borne in mind that Singapore have a good sense of smell, hunting instinct.

They will catch flies, grasshoppers, will not leave a chance to settle mice in your house. Loyal cats everywhere follow their master, ready to go for a walk outside the premises. They tolerate long trips perfectly.

Care for a miniature beauty

The high physical activity of small pets leaves no chance of developing obesity. However, at older cats become fat, it is necessary to control the diet, to allocate time for active games with the pet. Sterilized animals often develop diseases of the genitourinary system. The coat of these animals is short, dense, which does not require frequent washing. However, Singapore’s love of water procedures requires attention to the appearance of skin diseases, parasites. The homeland of these cats is a country with a warm climate, therefore, with a decrease in temperature, animals are prone to colds, do not tolerate drafts.

In order for an exotic graceful beauty to please you with its presence for many years, it is enough to observe the optimal temperature regime, provide a complete diet to surround a devoted animal with care.

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