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Siberian Husky Character – Training and Behaviors (Good and Bad)

Siberian Husky Character - Training and Behaviors (Good and Bad)


Siberian Husky Character – Training and Behaviors (Good and Bad)

Siberian Husky Character – Recently, husky puppies are very popular. And if earlier they lived in the northern regions and were used for working purposes, now they are brought to different parts of the world. It should be understood that the husky is not just a beautiful puppy with whom you can play. This is first and foremost a serious animal that requires appropriate education and care. And the character of these dogs is not the easiest.

Husky character

“Strangeness” in behavior

At the genetic level in puppies laid the love of domination. A sharp mind allows the dog to easily understand if they are afraid or pampered. Therefore, it is worth paying special attention to education and to gain credibility with the dog.

No need to punish the Huskies for the smallest offenses. But when difficulties begin with upbringing, then you can resort to punishment. A good reason for this can be that the dog jumps on people, howls, barks, bites, damages property in the house, completely ignoring the owner’s commands.

How to fix a bad character?

How to fix a bad character

Husky dog ​​owners are extremely lucky because their pets are easy to learn. These dogs hardened their character in the harsh northern conditions, which made the Huskies hardy and strong. They react aggressively to the manifestation of brute force towards them. Their respect is hard to earn because these dogs are not used to obeying authority. It should immediately discard the training methods developed for service dogs, as the Husk refuses to obediently carry out all the commands. Puppies of this breed resemble children who are also better trained in the form of a fun and interesting game.

The husky instinct is well developed. In each pack there is a leader to whom the other dogs retain loyalty and obey him. And if the puppy sees such a leader in the person of its owner, then the training will be simple and will bring a lot of positive emotions. This is especially true of Siberian Huskies, who seize everything on the fly.

Aspects of Training Huskies

Aspects of Training Huskies

Before training you should stock up with treats for the dog to encourage it for the correct execution of a certain team. If for an adult dog there will be enough praise orally, then for a puppy you definitely need a treat. Also, in no case can not be a bit husky for disobedience. The dog is not aware of its mistake, and the relationship may be ruined. If the dog completely ignores the requirements of the owner, you can take him near the withers and press him to the ground, not allowing him to move. Keep in this position is recommended until the dog calms down and does not stop trying to escape. So the owner will demonstrate his superiority over the pet, without causing him physical pain.

It is always important to remember that any manifestations of aggression must be stopped as soon as possible. This is especially true when the dog behaves in this way in relation to those who are younger. You should never let go of this behavior, otherwise the dog will not develop an understanding of the relationship between them and misconduct. Also during the games with animals can not use items from home. This will give the dog to understand that they can be used for fun and in the future, which will lead to serious damage to property.

Interesting moments of character

Huskies are very friendly and calm. They like active games, but do not take them with you on the hunt. These dogs will be excellent companions. They can not be relied on as guards at home, as they are almost completely devoid of aggression towards a person.

Developed intelligence helps the Huskies to make their own decisions, rather than think out of the pattern. These dogs tolerate the move easily and get along well in a new place. They love children and happily spend time with them.

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