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Show off the animal! How to make a dog a photo with a claw?

Show off the animal! How to make a dog a photo with a claw


Show off the animal! How to make a dog a photo with a claw?

Which of us doesn’t like to see pictures of animals? Exactly! Would you like your pet to stand out from the other pets? Are you wondering how to make a photo of your dog so that it becomes a hit? Discover some of our ideas!

Family photo

Is this a family member for you? Give him a session like he was human! Snap a photo when he sits at the table with you while eating dinner, take photos when he lies on the bed, put him in glasses in front of the laptop as if he was working. And if it just appeared in your home – how about a session that is done for newborns?

Animal eyes

What is it like to be a dog or a cat? Show fans the world seen through his eyes! Use a webcam and a special harness to attach the recorder to your pet. If you mount it on your back, you’ll see your pet’s ears and what’s in his face in the frame. From this perspective, a walk or fun will be super-interesting!

Capture him on the run

How to make a dog a photo with a claw? Flying ears, curled tails, waving tongues and this joy in the mouth! Internet users are crazy about animals on the move, so you can’t miss them on your profile! Throw a toy to your pet, call him, encourage him to jump. Capturing animals in a dynamic situation is not easy and is not always successful – but it’s worth it!

Close, even closer

Fill the entire frame with your pet! It is said that the eyes are a mirror of the soul, but not only they deserve pictures taken very closely. Whole mouths, only noses, paws, whiskers or petioles photographed approximately guarantee the wow effect! With a bit of luck, you’ll be able to shoot a photo up close, like a pet is yawning or washing. Just sweetness, right?

Cool dressing up

How about a laugh at Instagram stars? Style your pet as your idol or parody famous photo sessions that appear on celebrity profiles. Do you see with your eyes the imagination of a red bulldog dressed up as Ed Sheeran? It’s important that you don’t force the animal to do anything. Remember: it must be fun for both of you!

Author: Alicja Kowalska

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