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Shar Pei: character, health, breeding and price : | Origin| History


Shar Pei: character, health, breeding and price : | Origin| History

Shar Pei: character, health, breeding and price
– Take a look at one of the best dogs in world. Check out these Tips on how to care, Health issues, History, breed, price and other nutritious tips for your pet.

The Shar Pei is a dog that was born as a guardian, originally often used as a fighter. He is now a perfect companion dog.

It Shar pei is a dog of Chinese origin and descends from molossers from Tibet in 2000 BC We find the first traces of its existence in 206 AD: the dog is depicted in the paintings of the Han dynasty and several terracotta statuettes have also been found in the temples of this dynasty.

Its origin is thought to be in the city of Dialak in Kwung Tung province in northern China. Several stories are told around its origins, one is that it came to life from a mutation, another that the Chinese wanted it to resemble the dragon Lung, protector of the waters.

It is said that the Chinese tried to reproduce in animals the protective figures of their legends: the folds, his gaze and the well erect paws recall the figure of a dragon. The name of the Shar pei derives from Chinese ideograms that mean sand skin: it refers to the hair, soft like velvet but if stroked against the hair it is bristly, it looks like sand.

During the Ming dynasty this race risked extinction because during the war it had become a source of sustenance together with many others. Fortunately, action was taken to preserve it and today it is among the most popular dogs in the world: there are numerous species also in Italy.

What makes this Asian dog breed unique is its sagging, wrinkled skin that is mainly concentrated on the skull and between the eyes. Its muzzle is broad and slightly flattened, its ears are small and its height is proportional to its length. The body is muscular, the chest is well proportioned. By standard, wrinkles should appear when the dog is a puppy and then reduce considerably as the dog grows.

Shar Pei: character

His Asian origins give him a mysterious aspect, sage expression, and feline traits. In the beginning this dog was used by the Chinese peasants of the province of kwung Tung as a guard dog or as a shepherd dog and later for dog fights. Now he is a companion dog, his peaceful and quiet temperament is perfect for the family.

Today it is hard to understand how a strong and decisive fighting, hunting or guard dog has become a sweet companion dog. His confident character leads him to be perfect for those who have no problems with strong personalities. It is important to make him socialize as a puppy to prevent him from becoming too territorial and distrustful of strangers.

For this dog it is essential to always have new stimuli: there are special games that can help him keep his visual and interactive stimuli high.

It Shar pei he can easily live in an apartment, he can be a very lazy dog ​​but it is important that you ensure him a walk, it is essential for him to be outdoors. He is not a lover of water or even rain, in case of thunderstorms he will prefer to stay at home away from puddles, the Shar Pei is sensitive to climatic factors. He does not need excessive movement, he likes to play sports but also to rest.

In Chinese culture it is Shar pei was born as a dog assigned to chase away spirits, demons and ghosts, so much so that he was allowed to laze and have a comfortable life. Excellent guard dog and suitable for controlling the flock, it was later used for fighting. Today it is a multi-folded dog that mainly plays the role of companion dog.

You should position his kennel well if you decide to let him sleep at home because this dog snores a lot. The shar pei has a blue-black tongue, this characteristic in ancient times made the Chinese think that the dog brought good luck and had the power to drive out demons and ghosts.

Shar Pei: health

The specific pathology of this dog is the Shar Pei fever: it manifests itself with high temperature and swelling in the hocks, it consists in the formation of amyloidosis in the liver and kidneys. He may suffer from vitamin B deficiency but also from entropion, an eye disease which, if not monitored, could cause the animal to become blind.

Hip and kidney dysplasia should also be kept in mind: it is another disease to which he is prone. It does not accuse of other particular pathologies but given the folds it has, it is good to brush the hair with a brush on purpose.

Shar Pei: relationship with the owner

This dog is affectionate and sensitive, the ideal owner for him must be very present and leave him little alone. A person who gets along well with dogs with a strong character. Thanks to his past as a guard dog, if strangers enter the house he will bark at him, on the street he will merely observe them, and if strangers try to pet him he will look at them in a distrustful manner.

He loves to relate to the owner and the elements of his family, he moves if he sees that the owner is active otherwise you could find him in his kennel to rest. It can be a sporty dog, for walking but also for an apartment.

Shar Pei: relationship with children

He is an intelligent and very patient dog, perfect for your family and if you have children in the house it is even better. He likes to play with the little ones and if bothered he spontaneously goes away: he could be your children’s inseparable playmate.

Shar Pei: relationship with other dogs

He is a dog of peaceful nature: with other dogs he is never a brawler, but if he is annoyed then he could bring out his side as a fighting dog. It is not easy to make it coexist with other dogs, especially if they are male.

Shar Pei: price and breeding

It is very quick to learn and execute commands but to train it it is essential to contact the specialized kennels of Chinese dog breeds. Given his predisposition to have a dominant character, it is important to educate him as a puppy: he is a very intelligent dog, he learns quickly.

Do not forget to be consistent in the orders and prohibitions or it will be easy for him to give breath to the dominant side of his character. To buy a shar pei puppy you need around 500 euros. It is not a cheap dog but beyond the amount it takes to buy one, the shar pei is definitely a dog that will repay you with a lot of satisfaction and a lot of affection.

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