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Top 3 Scents That Deter Cats – Natural (rosemary, lavender)

Top 3 Scents That Deter Cats - Natural (rosemary, lavender)


Top 3 Scents That Deter Cats – Natural (rosemary, lavender)

Scents That Deter Cats – Natural (rosemary, lavender): What fragrance scares cats? ( names, reasons, how to use). When it comes to the “battle of the noses,” dogs are often recognized as champions. Of course, this is difficult to dispute, since the number of their olfactory receptors reaches an impressive 300 million (in humans there are only about 5 million)! But cat receptors (45-80 million) also deserve special attention. And about what smells are unpleasant and terrible for furry cuties, we will talk in the article.

What fragrance scares cats

Top 3 Scents That Deter Cats

Bad Cat Fragrances – To understand the “global” nature of a cat’s sense of smell, imagine how far away you can smell the aroma of shampoo or the perfume of a colleague while talking. Usually it is no more than 1-2 meters. And cats can smell the dirty litter bin for … 1.5 kilometers. And the aroma of your perfume comes from the next room.

Top 3 Bad Cat Fragrances

There are several groups of flavors that cats especially dislike. And there are at least 2 reasons to avoid them, so as not to deliver discomfort to your pet:

  1. Knowing this, you can protect your puff from irritation, as well as health problems. Indeed, some aromas can cause allergies, respiratory system disorders, or even poisoning in a cat.
  2. If you don’t have a cat, but you want to procure uninvited stray or neighboring pets, then you yourself know what to do with this information.


The aroma of lemons, oranges, grapefruits and other citrus fruits, very strong for olfactory cat receptors. They unpleasant smells of peel, juice and pulp. And, if you sort out some of this around the house, then you yourself will notice that the pet will in every possible way avoid these places.

several groups of flavors that cats especially dislike citrus

Although there are times when four-legged friends are happy to sniff tangerines for the New Year. But this is an exception to the rule.

Mint, Menthol and Grushanka (Wintergreen)

These plants and their essential oils have a very sharp and strong aroma. At least for cats. It’s strange, because many people think that the “catnip”, which is so loved by pets, is related to ordinary mint. Therefore, she should attract cats. But this is a fallacy.

Therefore, she should attract cats

For a person, the aromas of menthol, mint and other representatives of this group are pleasant and have a cooling effect. But for cats, they are in any way annoying and intrusive. It doesn’t matter if the pet feels the aroma of menthol candy or the essential oil in the aroma lamp, or the smell of “grinding” from a cough. This will be very unpleasant for him, and he will try to run away or hide in a corner, if he doesn’t succeed in hiding and hiding from this ombre.

Important! Mint, menthol, and wintergreen in any form are toxic to cats when taken orally. Keep this in mind and take away your favorite peppermint candies if the cat lives in the house.

Some herbs and spices

Cats hate the smells of , cinnamon and some other popular herbs. Moreover, they irritate them, like fresh plants, so dried and even in the form of extracts and oils.

Cats hate the smells of rosemary,

Important! If your goal is to scare away the unsolicited four-legged away, then be careful with this group of scents. Especially with lavender. In the form of oil, this herb becomes especially toxic to cats. If ingested, the oil extract can cause liver damage and damage, as well as lead to the death of the pet. So do not take such a sin on the soul!

The same goes for cinnamon (cinnamon oil), rosemary and a herb called ruta. In various combinations, they can significantly harm the health of the cat.

significantly harm the health of the cat

Of course, there are tons of other flavors that are unpleasant to cats. For example, it is the aroma of a dirty rubbish bin (yes, pussies – they are still cleaners and aesthetes), rotten fish (no comment), bananas, pine and other fir trees, and many others. And, if the pet hates this particular smell, then he will avoid it by any means.

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