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Delicious and Extremely Healthy Food – Safe Food for Gerbils

Safe food for gerbils – A healthy and balanced diet is essential for your gerbil to be serene and healthy. But be careful, these little balls of hair are sensitive, and it is appropriate to respect certain rules inspired by what they find in their natural habitat. 


Arid steppes, deserts, rough mountains: this is how the country of origin of the Mongolian gerbil presents itself. She can only survive in this region because her body has adapted perfectly to these difficult conditions
She does not need a lot of water, and frugal meals of dry grass, grasses, roots, and insects suit her perfectly. The digestive system of gerbils is quickly abused if the food contains a lot of water, sugar, fat or protein because it had adapted to the harsh conditions of his country of origin.


The basic food of gerbils consists of seeds, cereals, and dried herbs. The daily menu also includes fresh fodder. It can consist of kohlrabi leaves, lemon balm, carrot tops, dandelions, mint, daisies, fennel or mugwort. 
Be careful with the fresh fodder that the plants that make it up to do not contain chemical fertilizers or pesticides. When in doubt: Wash dandelions and other plants thoroughly under running water and dry them well before giving them to your gerbil. 
Give your gerbil two or three times week insect larvae or mealworms. This is enough to cover your protein needs in a natural way and it also allows you to vary your diet a little.


As there are no vegetables in the natural habitat of gerbils, his digestive system is not always able to digest this type of food rich in water. That’s why you should donate vegetables to your rodent only once a day and only a small portion. Vegetables that are easy to digest are, for example, pepper, salad, carrots, spinach leaves, kohlrabi, tomatoes (without the tail!) And cucumbers, but remember to wash them carefully to remove any possible trace of pesticides. Those difficult to digest are the pulses, potatoes, most cabbages, and onions: do not feed them to the gerbil.
For snacking from time to time, you can offer your gerbil sunflower seeds, hazelnuts or pumpkin seeds. The gerbil, on the other hand, can easily eat fresh twigs, for example, fruit trees or willow.

THE FRUITS for Gerbil?

THE FRUITS for Gerbil

The fruits are also part of the menu of a gerbil. However, it should not be given all the time especially not with the glitches. They contain a lot of water and sugar and can cause digestive disorders or increase blood sugar levels. As the body of these small animals cannot always eliminate sugar, it can cause, if the food is too rich, type 1 diabetes. 
fruity delicacy can be for example a pear, an apple, strawberries, raspberries, grapes, rose hips or raisins. Above all, do not give it exotic fruits, citrus fruits or tropical fruits. These fruits irritate the lining of the digestive tract and can cause serious digestive disorders.

Remember: just like us, gerbils will have their own preferences, so try to vary the pleasures to find what they are. It’s your turn!

List of foods for gerbils:

  • Banana
  • Unsalted peanuts (candies)
  • CarrotChicoryCauliflower (Beware: cabbage is dangerous!)
  • Beans
  • strawberries
  • Pumpkin seeds (candies)
  • Sunflower seeds (candies)
  • Grass (grass) Dry food mixes – pellets or seeds/cereals
  • Blueberry
  • Turnip
  • ParsnipPeas
  • Dandelion
  • Pears
  • Apple
  • Grapes


  • The gerbil must always have food available.
  • There are natural whole foods for gerbils, of good quality, without preservatives or dyes.
  • Give him, once or twice a day, alternately portions of salad, vegetables, and fruits, previously rinsed.
  • From time to time, give him a little treat in his hand.
  • Make sure that she always has fresh water in a drinking trough or bottle.

The recommended fruits for your gerbils

The gerbils are seed-eating tends omnivorous . So you can give them fruits as a bonus (especially no citrus fruit and no vitamin C fruit is very toxic for their kidneys, so no orange dr * ops): like apples , bananas , etc …

You will be careful to remove the skin and grains in it because the apple seedscontain cyanide, which can kill them.

Meat and dairy products

Sometimes you can give your gerbils a little (but a little bit) cooked meat(personally I really rarely give it, it only happened to me twice): like chicken ham(this is sure it’s not toxic).

Me, I sometimes give them natural yoghurt with a spoon! They love! (but very little to avoid diarrhea of ​​course). This will complete their diet a bit.

Copraphagia in gerbils

The Coprophagia is defined as the ingestion of feces (the fact that the animal eats his feces). If gerbils do that, do not worry, is that they suffer from a deficiency in vitamins and minerals and they are recycling (by absorbing the vitamins in the droppings).

To avoid this, you must give your gerbils vitamins diluted in the bottle, but be careful, without vitamin C . If they have diarrhea: veterinarian! But a small intestinal transit regulator does not hurt them!

Extras and treats for your gerbils

As I said before, gerbils like variety in their diet . So when we can, we offer them small bonuses .

* Extruded seeds and soufflés:

The extruded seeds and blown (special corn flakes, vegetable patties, rice balls blown) are much appreciated.

Add to this bird seeds (millet, sorghum). Then corn kernels , pumpkin seeds (be careful though, because it’s quite fat), small pieces of nuts (not too huh).

* Cat food:

Then a little kibble for cat if it’s possible (really very very little), for their proteinintake . I would recommend chicken rather than beef croquettes (which already, cause kidney problems in cats, so it is better to avoid for gerbils , because their kidneys are fragile ).

If you can mix several packages in one meal (not before, otherwise you will lose the freshness), your gerbils will party!

* The sweets…

A little dried coconut : gerbils love it! Of apples dried flower petals for chinchillas, ptites washers alfalfa , grass pieces for chinchilla (Chinchilla plants are fine for gerbils because they have the same type of vegetation in nature).

They also like hamsters cookies (I’m not talking about weird gadgets, but what looks like rusks with grains in them). They like it a lot, but it should only be used as a dietary supplement , because of their low nutritional value.

Do not forget the cool bonuses (but still in small quantities eh). If you notice any diarrhea , use a bowel regulator and consult your veterinarian! Gerbils deserve as much care as humans.

Precautions on food – Safe Food for Gerbils

Beware of allergies or ” indigestion “! Any new food must also be introduced very gradually. Even if the gerbils are not very fragile, it is better to take precautions on this side anyway.

Here, I only talked about dry foods to have, if it’s possible. The idea is to offer the same dose per day, same time: 1 tablespoon per gerbil. That way, they do not sort too much: everything will be consumed until the next meal. Do not forget to empty the remains anyway when you change meals!



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