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Sad Dog: Top 10 signs To Never underestimated (Deadly)

understand if the dog is doing well


Sad Dog: Top 10 signs To Never underestimated (Deadly)

Sad Dogs: Even dogs can get sick but cannot say it out loud: here are the signs to observe to understand if the dog is well or needs help.

10 ways to understand if the dog is doing well (Photo Unsplash)

Just like people do, dogs can sometimes have more or less serious health problems. The big difference lies in the difficulty of our four-legged friends in communicating the pain or discomfort they feel, considering that they don’t know how to explain it in words. Here because learning to observe the dog’s body language is essential: helps us learn how to understand if the dog is doing well or, on the contrary, needs specific help because he is sick.

By learning to observe i signals right, we can interpret the health of our dog and identify any hardships before they can turn into a more serious problem: we never forget that diagnosis early is essential for many veterinary diseases and this is precisely why we need to know what to keep under control in the dog and engage in correct prevention Veterinary.

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Sad Dog: 10 ways to tell if your dog is doing well

dog wags its tail to the right
Coda runs outdoors (Adobe Stock)

1. The dog wants to leave the house

A dog interested in walking and going around to explore the surroundings is a dog who is doing well: who has adopted a dog knows well how curious these animals are and how much they need to be stimulated with both physical and mental exercise. In addition, a dog that is doing well wants to go out to meet other dogs with whom to socialize: if your dog is enthusiastic when you take the leash it is always a good sign.

2. Fido has a good appetite

If you need to understand if the dog is doing well, observing his relationship with food is always a good idea: a dog who is unappetizing or who suddenly shows little interest even in the food he has always been greedy for is launching a clear message that something is wrong. If you notice that your dog refuses food for a day or two, don’t waste time: contact your veterinarian immediately.

3. Observe the appearance of the fur

The dog’s fur is a clear indicator to be taken into consideration: in particular, if Fido’s coat appears shiny and silky it is a clear sign of good animal health. Be careful to also observe the possible presence of parasites or signs of skin disease, such as ticks, fleas, dandruff, scabs and redness.
Finally, pay attention to others typical symptoms of skin diseases such as intense itching or patchy hair loss on the dog’s body.

seasonal dog allergies
Healthy dog’s eyes (Photo Unsplash)

4. Bright and shining eyes

The dog’s eyes are the mirror of his state of mind, but also of his health: a little like what happens with people, we can already understand from the dull gaze that the dog has a fever or is tired or sad. If instead the dog’s eyes are bright and bright, there is a good chance that Fido is in perfect health: this applies even if it has some small secretions at the corners of the eyes. An eye exam can easily reveal the presence of any eye infections, such as the classic conjunctivitis in dogs: it is one of the visits to which it is important to periodically submit our four-legged friend.

5. The dog wants to play

A healthy dog ​​is cheerful, lively and playful. In addition, it is a dog that is always hungry and that has a great desire to run and exercise with its owner.
You have to lend attention to behavioral problems and anomalies such as a depressed and listless attitude in our four-legged friend: if he appears off and without the desire to move, it is good to contact a specialist.

6. Has a lean and dry physique

Overweight is an increasingly common problem among dogs, which undermines their health in various aspects: here we have explored the issue of treating obesity in dogs. Be careful to check that Fido always maintains his ideal weight! If we do not have the opportunity to weigh our four-legged friend, there is a very useful and effective empirical method which consists in feeling his body: if we feel the ribs to the touch, but we cannot see them with the naked eye, it means that the dog is not too fat or too thin. In fact, it must always be remembered that even an excessive weight loss in the dog is a sign of potential serious diseases.

Outdoor area for the dog
What to check to understand if Fido is healthy (Pixabay Photo)

7. Watch out for your ears

The ears of a dog that is in good health are healthy and clean: they do not show accumulations of ear wax, there are no bulges, they do not give off bad smells. The inside of a healthy ear is pale pink and some fine hairs can be seen in the ear canal.
Dogs are quite prone to ear disease: pay particular attention to dog breeds with drooping ears, particularly prone to infections such as otitis.

8. Wet or dry nose?

To understand if the dog is doing well, it is important to keep an eye on his truffle: the cold and wet dog’s nose is usually a guarantee of good animal health. However, it is necessary to dispel a widespread belief that when the dog has a dry nose he is sick: in fact, some dogs have a naturally dry nose or that it dries temporarily for substantially harmless causes, such as the heating on in the winter season.
Caution if the nose has cracks and cracks or if the mucus is dense, abundant and yellowish: these are signals that require immediate attention from the veterinarian.

9. Oral hygiene of Fido

A dog that shows pink tongue and gums it is a healthy dog: a dog with a naturally blue tongue is an exception, such as the Chow Chow breed. In addition to the coloring of the mucous membranes, attention must also be paid to the presence of tartar on the teeth and the possibility of bad breath in the dog: they could be symptoms of a periodontal disease that must be treated carefully, because Fido would in the long run risk of losing his teeth.

10. The gait of a healthy dog

When you take your dog for a walk, watch his pace: it must be fluid and “normal”. If you notice any abnormal signs like limb stiffness or limp, but even if the dog gets tired very quickly, coughs or pants more than usual, there is likely to be something wrong.
Here you can find the possible reasons why a dog limps, among which we also remember the bad care of the legs or nails: here you can learn how to medicate a wounded pad in the dog or how to shorten Fido’s nails without risk.

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