Sad dog photographed in a shelter, with tears in her eyes …


Every year, thousands of innocent dogs risk euthanasia at any time (about 1/3 of the dogs accepted in shelters). Including this sad dog, who seems to have become aware of what could happen to him …

The High Plains Humane Society (HPHS) sends its members to shelters to photograph dogs waiting for help or adoption. During a recent visit to the shelter in the city of Portales (New Mexico), HPHS took a very touching photo of a sad dog staring at the camera desperately through the cell grid. The photo was posted on the HPHS Facebook page.

The paws attached to the grid, with a sad and resigned air, the animal seems to have tears in its eyes. This makes her situation even more poignant. But studies show that dogs don’t produce tears when they’re sad; a tear is probably a sign of infection.

While this adorable little dog doesn’t really cry, her expression says it all: she needs help, and a loving family. A few hours after the photo was released, many calls came in to find out more about her. And finally, the dog has been adopted! It is a great relief to know that now this little bitch will never be miserable again.



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