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Research proves superiority of cats over dogs

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Research proves superiority of cats over dogs

A research published by PNAS, the magazine of the American Academy of Sciences would have tried the superiority of the cat on the dog.
The study reported by international media, including the Independent (click here), was based on the evolution theory for which they have been analyzed further 2 thousand fossils. It emerges that the cats would have contributed extinction of a forty dog ​​breeds, while the opposite has not yet been proven.

According to the research, the dog breeds that I am survived would be the most fast with a instinct from predator more developed as i wolves and the foxes. While the breeds that hunted like cats, or with the ambush technique, would have suffered unbridled competition from the cats and would therefore have become extinct.

Among the advantages of felines are the claws that are retractable while those of dogs are not. Sharper and therefore more lethal claws that would have helped the cats survive better.

The canids, including wolves, originating in North America, 40 million years ago, would have reached their peak 20 million years ago, counting over 30 different species on the continent. When the cats came from Asia they brought the extinction of 21 breeds of wild dogs.

“Normally, climate change is thought to play a primordial role in the evolution of species. In fact, competition between carnivores proves to be an important factor when it comes to dogs, “said Professor Daniele Silvestro of the University of Lausanne.

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