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Reasons why dogs snore

Reasons why dogs snore - My animals


Reasons why dogs snore

It is important to understand why dogs snore. First, we must know that, In many cases, snoring is perfectly normal and harmless.

Owners may sometimes think it is fun to hear their dog snore. On other occasions, they may find it annoying, especially if they share the room! Keep in mind that If a dog snores while awake or begins to snore during sleep, with no precedent of being snoring, you should consult your veterinarian.

Why do dogs snore?

Basically, dogs snore when air does not flow freely through the nasal passages or throat. This can happen occasionally, for example, when your dog sleeps on its back. In this position the tongue may fall into the throat, which will prevent breathing from flowing.

Attention! Do not rush to laugh when you hear how dogs snore because their cause is not always so innocent.

Do dogs of some breeds snore more than others?

Yes. Certain races are more likely to snore. Flat-faced breeds are understandably prone to snoring, since their airways are shorter and they may have more trouble moving the air.

These breeds are called brachycephalic and include pugs, bulldogs, boxers, shih tzu or Boston terrier. In these cases, snoring can be considered ‘normal’. It should be noted that, even if you have a different type of race, not brachycephalic, the absence of snoring is not guaranteed.

We must bear in mind that the position that the dog adopts at bedtime counts the same as the shape of the neck and the length of its nose: everything can contribute to snoring. So, try to change position and see if it improves. In addition, a raised head can reduce snoring, so it may be helpful to give your dog a pillow.

Another suggestion that seems to be effective is to use a humidifier, which increases the humidity in the air and can help you sleep better. If your dog’s snoring becomes a worrying situation, you can consult with your veterinarian about a possible surgical intervention.

A compelling reason why dogs snore

Another common cause of snoring in dogs is obesity. It is important to know that, when a dog is overweight or morbidly obese, it can accumulate extra fat in the throat. This extra tissue can block the airways and cause snoring.

This situation can be extremely dangerous, as the rings in your trachea can collapse or close when you are asleep. Let us also remember that Obesity causes many other problems, which is reason enough for any dog ​​to lose excess weight.

Allergies can cause snoring

Like people, allergies to dust, pollen, perfumes and dandruff from other pets can make breathing difficult and favor snoring.

If your dog’s snoring is caused by allergens, clean your bedding every day. Spend time walking outdoors when pollen levels and car traffic are low. Vacuum regularly and change the air filter in your home.

Snoring and dental problems

It is important to know that an abscess or any growth or mass in the oral cavity or sinuses can cause snoring. If an infection is not treated, it can spread through the pet’s body and cause much more serious problems. It is important to regularly check your dog’s mouth and stay alert to signs of infection in teeth and gums.

Dog resting

Nasal and airway obstructions

It may happen that your dog has a foreign body in the nose. These could be, for example, part of your favorite toy or grass seeds or other plant materials that you have collected on your walk.

If your dog sneezes a lot or rubs his nose with discomfort, he might have something stuck there. Also, a blockage may be accompanied by a runny nose. So, take a look and, if there is something stuck in your nose, it may be time to see the vet to remove it.

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