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Pet names according to the type of pet they are

Pet names according to the type of pet they are


Pet names according to the type of pet they are

Nice and appropriate names for each type of pet

Every animal is a world and they need appropriate names according to the animal they are, whether they are male or female. We gather many names for cats, dogs, birds, rabbits, fish, iguanas, guinea pigs, hamsters … And many more!

You can take a look at all of them, because some dog may be worth it for a cat or vice versa. Good luck with your research!

Names for dogs


  • Beethoven (the Saint Bernard of the movie)
  • Hachiko (the famous dog Akita faithful to its owner)
  • I put (from the movie 101 Dalmatians)
  • Bolt (dog from the movie Bolt)
  • Gulf (of the Lady and the Tramp)
  • Goku (from the anime series Dragon ball)
  • Coconut (like fruit)
  • Scooby Doo (from the series of drawings)
  • Rex (Rex series dog, a different cop)
  • Santa Claus assistant (of the Simpsons)
  • Pluto (from Disney)
  • Bingo! (like singing Bingo or like the dog from the Bingo movie)
  • Skip (as the dog from the movie Skip)
  • Benji (dog from the 1974 Benji movie)
  • Milo (dog from the movie The Mask)
  • Keel (short way of saying “Chiquillo” in Andalusia)
  • Odin (God of Norse mythology)
  • Hates (Garfield’s companion dog)
  • Snoopy (from Peanuts)
  • Goofy (from Disney)
  • Pancho (the millionaire dog of the lottery)
  • Seymour (Fry de Futurama’s dog)
  • Marley (as Bob Marley)
  • Reggae (like the type of music)
  • Rock (like the type of music, it also means rock)


  • Queen (of the Lady and the Tramp)
  • Lassie (the Collie of the Lassie series)
  • Chichi (Goku woman, from the Dragon Ball anime series)
  • Laika (Russian bitch that was sent to space)
  • Daisy (it’s Margarita in English)
  • Fog (big dog of Heidi)
  • Bulma (anime girl series Dragon Ball)
  • Candy (Like the anime series, it also means candy)
  • Heidi (as the Heidi series of drawings)
  • Vilma (as Vilma Flintstones, from the Flintstones)
  • Betty (as Betty Marble, from the Flintstones)
  • Pupa (for a dog very pupae or very whining)
  • Kira (as from the anime series Death Note)
  • Bullet (for very fast or very fast dogs)
  • Akira (as the anime movie Akira)
  • Grape (like fruit)
  • Pear (like fruit)
  • Sandi (how to shorten Watermelon, the fruit)
  • Samba (as the musical genre)

Names for cats


  • Garfield (like Garfield’s drawings)
  • Isidore (like the one in Isidoro drawings)
  • Wild (as the Looney Tunes cat)
  • Simba (as the son of Mufasa, of the lion king)
  • Mufasa (Simba’s father of the lion king)
  • Meow (like the sound they make)
  • Smut (if the cat is black)
  • Quico (like dried fruit or like Chavo del 8)
  • Kid (way of saying “child” in Latin America or old currency)
  • Doraemon (the cosmic cat of the drawings)
  • Black (if the cat is black)
  • Tom (as Tom and Jerry, the drawings)
  • Tommy (male name that suits a cat)


  • Sonia (Isidoro’s girlfriend, from the drawings)
  • Nala (as Simba’s girlfriend, the lion king)
  • Duchess (cat from the movie the Aristocats)
  • Kitty (as Hello Kitty)
  • Kathy or Cathy (female name that looks good on a cat)
  • Pica (protagonist of Scratch and Sting of the Simpsons)
  • Paw (hand or foot of an animal that has strong and curved nails)
  • Claw (synonymous with Zarpa)

If you want famous names of Japanese anime cats click here

Names for birds or birds


  • Crazy (like the crazy bird in the drawings)
  • Donald (like Donald Duck)
  • Luke (like the Lucas duck)
  • Peak (characteristic of birds)
  • Piquito (characteristic of birds)
  • Duck (means duck in English)
  • Kiriko (like the famous rooster Kiriko)
  • Down (characteristic of birds)
  • Tweety or Tweety (like the yellow chick or canary of the drawings)
  • Iago (parrot from the movie Aladdin)
  • Claudio (as the Claudio rooster)
  • Heaven (where the birds fly)
  • Koki (the Trotamúsicos rooster)
  • Calimero (from Calimero’s drawings)
  • I paint (del Gallo Pinto, children’s song)
  • Chicken (means chicken in English)
  • cheep (to peep)


  • Feather (characteristic of birds)
  • Wing or Wing (characteristic of birds)
  • Pica (of itching with the beak)
  • Pious (to peep)
  • Breast (like the chicken part, the chest)
  • Priscilla (from Calimero’s drawings)
  • Melody (means melody)
  • Daisy (as Donald Duck’s girlfriend)
  • Flying (of the verb fly)
  • Crest (bird characteristic)
  • Sunny (sunny in English, if the bird is yellow it looks great)
  • Pipe (if he likes pipes very much)

Names for rabbits


  • Bugs Bunny or Serapio (as the Looney Tunes rabbit)
  • Carrot (carrot in English)
  • Drum (Bambi’s friend rabbit)
  • Roger Rabbit (like the rabbit in the movie)
  • Nesquick (like instant cocoa)
  • Quicky (Nesquick’s rabbit)
  • Trix (like Trix rabbit cereals)
  • Playboy (For bunnies, Playboy means seductive seductive man)
  • Coney (rabbit in English)
  • Cloud (if the rabbit is white and pompous)
  • Cony (rabbit in English)
  • Cottontail (rabbit in English)
  • Cotton (cotton in English)
  • Snowflake (if the rabbit is white)
  • Jump (so the rabbits jump a lot)
  • Fast (means fast in English)
  • Usagi (rabbit in Japanese)


  • Lola (as the girlfriend of Bugs Bunny, Looney Tunes)
  • stain (if it has a characteristic or peculiar stain)
  • Ball or Ball (if it is very pompous)
  • Snowflake (if the rabbit is white)
  • Jump (so rabbits jump a lot)

Names for pigs


  • Ham (means ham in English)
  • Ham (the pork meat of the legs)
  • Babe (as the brave little pig from the movie ‘Babe’)
  • Pumba (from the movie The Lion King)
  • Porky (like the Looney Tunes pig)
  • Pig (pig in English)
  • Porco (pork in Italian)
  • Piglet (the pig of the Winnie the Pooh drawings)
  • Wilbur (Pig protagonist of the film “The cobweb of Carlota”)
  • Popoter (as Homer of the Simpsons calls his pig: “Harry Popoter”)
  • Cochi (shortening of “pig”)


  • Piggy (as Miss Piggy of the Mupets)
  • Peggy (as Miss Piggy of the Mupets, Spanish version)
  • Peppa (as Peppa Pig, the pig of children’s drawings)
  • Clea (Like Pig Pig, from a children’s book)
  • Olivia (like the pig in a series of children’s drawings)
  • Benita (like the pig Benita, a story for children who marginalize the fat ones)
  • Rosita (like the little pig Rosita, children’s songs)
  • Pink or pinky (means pink in English)
  • Piggy bank (like the typical pig piggy banks they sell)

Names for iguanas, chameleons or lizards


  • Mushu (the little dragon that appeared in Disney’s Mulan)
  • Rank (as the chameleon of the comic film ‘Rank’)
  • Dino (shortening of money)
  • Spike (if you have sharp spikes or spikes)
  • Saurian (scaly reptiles with four legs, long tail and eyes with mobile eyelids)
  • Barbed (For the spikes he has or for the character in the movie “In Search of the Enchanted Valley”)
  • Piecito o Piesito (for the movie dinosaur ”In Search of the Enchanted Valley)
  • Haku (from the anime movie Haku -Spirited Away- a young man who turns into a dragon)
  • Smaug (the dragon that appears in the book of the Hobbit)
  • Shyru (represents a strong and powerful dragon in the cartoon: “The Knights of the Zodiac”)
  • Charizard (as the dragon Pokemon of the drawings)
  • Norbet (cuddly baby dragon raised by Rubeus Hadrid in the book Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone)
  • Drogon (the famous dragon of the series game of Thrones – Game of Thrones)
  • Owl (If you love lettuce, we can put this shortening of lettuce)


  • It will be (for the movie dinosaur ”In Search of the Enchanted Valley)
  • Cola or Colita (if you have a very long tail or a short tail)
  • Plectrum (if you have many spikes or some very sharp and large)
  • fruit (if he loves fruit)
  • Lettuce (pronounced “Letiss” means lettuce in English. If you love lettuce)
  • Lettuce (if he loves lettuce)
  • Sheet (if it camouflages well between the leaves or has an intense green color)

Names for fish

Male and female:

  • PC (like laptop computer, but it’s like saying fish)
  • Surimi (Japanese name of the product created from white meat fish)
  • Nemo (like the clownfish from the movie Finding Nemo)
  • Dory (female name, like the one in the Looking for Nemo movie)
  • Carpi (if it’s a carp or koi, say carp affectionately)
  • Kio (if it is a koi fish, change the vowels of place)
  • Water (female name for fish)
  • Bargain (is the Hindu goddess of the Ganges river)
  • Sakana (means fish in Japanese)
  • Mizu (means water in Japanese)
  • Fish (means fish or fish in English)
  • River (for freshwater fish)
  • Trident (Roman god Neptune in the form of a three-tooth harpoon)
  • Magikarp (as the Pokemon carp fish of the drawings)
  • Qwilfish (as the water / poison type Pokemon of the drawings)
  • Nothing (from the verb to swim, female name for fish)
  • Ariel (like the little mermaid from Disney)
  • Poseidon (god of water, lord of the seas of Greek mythology)
  • Wave (like the waves of the sea)
  • Sushi (like typical Japanese food that is complemented with raw fish)
  • Marine (for being from the sea)
  • Sea (salt water body smaller than the ocean)
  • Coral (like corals of the sea or if it has a coral color)

Names for snakes

Male and female:

  • Snake (snake in English)
  • Amaru (in Quechua: snake. Large snake)
  • Katari (It is the name of a deity, represented as a winged snake)
  • Kaa (snake from the movie “The Jungle Book”)
  • Uroboros (The Serpent Uroboros is a novel belonging to the heroic fantasy genre)
  • Serp (snake in Catalan and Valencian)
  • Serpi (affectionate snake shortening)

Names for hedgehogs

Male and female:

  • Sonic (as Sonic the hedgehog, classic and popular video game)
  • Barbed or barbed (for the skewers they have)
  • Skewer or Skewers (because of the spikes they have)
  • Ball or Ball (if the hedgehog is chubby or looks like a small ball)
  • Prick (female, because of the prickles)
  • Spike (means Punta, Pincho, Espiga in English)
  • Spine or Thorns (because of the spikes they have)
  • Hedgehog (means hedgehog in English)
  • Curly (from “Hedgehog”, comic name)
  • Riccio (Hedgehog in Italian)

Names for guinea pigs or hamsters

Male and female:

  • Hamtaro (protagonist hamster of Japanese anime drawings)
  • Hams (hamster short)
  • Choco (if the hamster or guinea pig is brown)
  • Coffee (means Coffee, if the hamster or guinea pig has a brown color)
  • Peach (means Peach in English)
  • Snow (means Snow, for guinea pigs or white hamsters)
  • Terry (My Russian hamster was called Terry, I had to put him hehehe)
  • Glutton (For any guinea pig or hamster it suits him, they are eaters)
  • Pipe (for female hamsters or guinea pigs who love pipes)
  • Sleep (means sleeping in English, for the laziest)

Names for cattle


  • Lola (like the cow Lola, from children’s songs)
  • Crazy (like crazy cows or because she’s a little crazy)
  • Mota or Motas (for the mottle he has)
  • Cream (for the cream of the milk)


  • Ferdinand or Ferdinand (as the Ferdinando bull, Walt Disney short film and film)
  • Goro (character in the fighting game series Mortal Kombat)
  • Bece (calf shortening)
  • Leather (by skin)
  • Bovi (Bovine, affectionate shortening)
  • Bou (bull in Catalan and Valencian)
  • Noble (by personality)


  • Snowflake (like Heidi’s goat)
  • Goat (means goat in English)
  • Snow (for the white color)
  • Crazy or Loki (about being crazy like a goat)
  • Crazy (crazy or crazy in English)
  • Zumbao (vulgar synonym of being crazy)
  • Chalao (vulgar synonym of being crazy)
  • Gone (to be gone, crazy)
  • Chiflao (synonymous with being crazy)
  • Majareta (means being crazy)
  • White, White, White… (for the white color)

Tips for choosing an original name and doing well

  • Remember that depending on the personality of the pet or animal and also depending on their physical appearance we can choose a name (If it’s white, black, if it’s like a goat we can put Loki, Crazy, Crazy …)
  • We can give them names of people too, and it is very funny: Paco, Pepe, Luis, Rafa, Pepa, Mari, Mila, Ramón, Susi …
  • Many times we choose a name and then we end up calling our pet in a totally different way.
  • My advice is… Do not hurry with the name! Surely you get one very fun, original or beautiful in a very short time. If you want more name ideas, Do not hesitate to visit the links below, we have many more names!

Can you think of more original names or do you want to share your pet’s? Leave a comment! Good luck with the names ?

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