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Pet Cemeteries: Where our animals rest

Pet Cemeteries: Where our animals rest


Pet Cemeteries: Where our animals rest

Your last goodbye and your resting place – There are many animal cemeteries where can bury or incinerate our deceased pets and so can make them the great tribute they deserve. Meet some of the best known pet cemeteries and images of them.

What less to remember them, especially when the Day of All Saints or the Day of the Dead approaches in so many countries. Why they are from our family, because they are our best friends and colleagues, although they are not of our same species. If there are cemeteries for people … Why shouldn’t there be animals? Well, that’s right, many of us didn’t know they existed, but there really are! Let’s see some of them:

In Paris (France) you can find the Cemetery of Animals: “Cimetière des Chiens”

-This cemetery is considered the first European cemetery for animals. Founded in 1899

Old photo of the cemetery

Address: 4 Pont de Clichy, 92600 Asnières-sur-Seine, France

Telephone: +33 1 40 86 21 11


In Bogotá (Colombia) is the Pet Cemetery: “Funeravet”

-In this cemetery we can see that on numerous occasions, in addition to the name of the pet, family surnames are also added to his grave.

Address: A, Cl. 70 # 5341, Bogotá, Colombia

Telephone: 660 8030 – 311 1077 – 315 393 4939


In Madrid (Spain) we can find the Cemetery of Animals: “The Last Park”

Address: Long rope road s / n, 28500 Arganda del Rey, Madrid

Telephone: 914 59 00 00


In addition to these, there are many more pet graveyards.

Do you want to give your pet eternal peace and a place to visit?

Find the animal graveyard closest to your location. If you can’t afford it or you don’t have any nearby, you can always bury it yourself in a cardboard box somewhere in the field, where you remember the site and can return.

Long live your pets and rest in peace those who no longer follow us.

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