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Will My Bird Die – Parrot Poop Watery Symptoms, causes and treatment

Will My Bird Die - Parrot Poop Watery Symptoms, causes and treatment

Animal care

Will My Bird Die – Parrot Poop Watery Symptoms, causes and treatment

Parrot poop watery -A pet parrot, like any other pet, can get sick. It is easy to determine that a bird is unhealthy: it becomes less active and cheerful. One of the most common diseases in parrots is stomach upset, which results in diarrhea. Parrot diarrhea is often a danger to life, so the behavior of the bird during an illness the owner should be watched very carefully.

parrot disease diarrhea

Parrots are sick rarely enough, but nevertheless, you must always closely monitor their behavior, appetite, as well as appearance.

In order for a parrot not to encounter diarrhea throughout life, it is necessary to carry out its prevention in time. If preventive measures have failed and the diarrhea continues, the bird will have to be taken immediately to a veterinarian, who can identify the cause of the disease and prevent the pet’s death.

Symptoms of diarrhea in a parrot

Diarrhea in a wavy parrot, like in other species of birds, is practically the same. A parrot during such a disease significantly changes its habitual behavior. He spends much more time at the bottom of the cage, maybe a few days to refuse food.

Diarrhea is always accompanied by liquid secretions, which often contain blotches of green or gray. If diarrhea lasts long enough, blood can be detected in the bird’s feces. In addition, you can see that the feathers around the cloaca become dirty, and the anus itself – inflamed and painful.

If diarrhea in a wavy parrot does not pass for a long time, the bird rapidly loses weight. Some owners do not notice this, as the parrot is covered with feathers. To determine how much the bird has lost weight, you need to carefully probe it. If the parrot is healthy, its keel bone should be lightly palpable. Understand that diarrhea in a parrot lasts a long time, you can by strongly protruding keel.

Symptoms of diarrhea in a parrot

The bird during an illness becomes sluggish, stops making sounds, can refuse to eat.

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Causes of frustration in poultry

Poultry diarrhea is not too difficult to cure. To do this, determine the cause of its occurrence. Liquid bowel movements are often not caused by ordinary diarrhea, but by a disease called polyuria.

Diarrhea in a wavy parrot of this origin can be easily distinguished by the composition of excrement: they resemble a homogeneous solid mass containing a small amount of water interspersions.

The wavy parrot can respond with diarrhea to sounds that are too loud. That is why experts do not recommend to put the cell in places with high noise levels. It is not necessary to turn on the music very loudly if there is a parrot in the room.

To determine whether diarrhea is a consequence of the negative effects of noise, you need to temporarily move the pet to a quieter place. You can also soothe the bird with the help of different soothing sounds: the sound of the sea or classical music.

If the parrot behaves unusually and often defecates with liquid feces, it is necessary to carefully remove and clean the cage, completely replacing the filler. You should also get rid of the remnants of old food, because it is likely that it contains harmful bacteria that caused diarrhea.

In some diseases, antibiotics are attributed to the bird, which lead to a violation of the intestinal microflora. Against such drugs, diarrhea also begins. Among the equally common causes of diarrhea – a lack of calcium in the body of the pet. If the parrot does not want to consume calcium, installed in the cage in the form of a bar, it will have to be crushed and added to feed.

To replenish the supply of calcium will help chopped eggshell, which can be poured into water or food.

Parrot diarrhea often causes consumption of certain foods, including various fruits. To determine whether the diet affects the health of the bird, you need to temporarily exclude from this or that product. A parrot may experience diarrhea if a spoiled or rotten fruit enters its stomach.

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What if the Parrot Poop Watery?

Diarrhea, like any other disease, can cause a bird to feel unwell. Pet often begins to shiver, so the owner should try to create for him the most comfortable conditions of detention. This will allow the bird to recover quickly.

There are a number of diseases that budgerigars are ill with. Many of them can be prevented by keeping birds in good sanitary conditions.

During an illness, it is advisable to warm the cell with a not too bright lamp located near the cell. Such lighting should be switched on at least four hours a day. Thanks to this, it will be possible not only to warm the patient, but also to get rid of pathogens. You should not resort to this method if blood is found in the bird’s feces.

It is possible to cope with diarrhea in a parrot thanks to modern drugs, including Gamavit. You can add it to the water, or drop a few drops right into the beak. It is very important to complete the seven-day course of treatment, even if the parrot no longer suffers from diarrhea. No less effective are drugs made on the basis of dry bacteria.

Throughout the illness, it is necessary to carefully monitor the purity of the bird cage. It is necessary to eliminate drafts in the room and wash contaminated parrot feathers in time. If the cause of diarrhea is poor-quality food, you will have to completely abandon this grain mixture and purchase other pet food.

During the diarrhea of ​​a parrot, it is better to stop feeding seeds and start giving him only boiled rice cooked without salt, fat and milk.

Greens and fruits are also removed from the diet. To save the bird from diarrhea, you can give her instead decoction of hypericum or chamomile. Especially it is necessary to ensure that the droppings of the sick parrot do not get into his food or water.

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If all methods have been tried, but the treatment has not brought results, and diarrhea lasts several days, the pet will have to be taken to the vet. Sometimes, diarrhea causes more serious health problems.

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