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NORFOLK TERRIER – Facts| Height | Origin | Weight | Size



NORFOLK TERRIER – Facts| Height | Origin | Weight | Size

It is said that the Norfolk Terrier “has the personality of a large dog in a small body.” It is true that representatives of this breed have a strong character, as well as a cheerful and sociable disposition. Norfolk is very similar to his cousin – norwich terrier.


Don’t let this pooch’s small size fool you. Norfolk terrier, as befits a representative of a group of terriers, has inexhaustible energy in it – he could run after the ball for hours or … dig holes. Dogs of this breed are therefore ideal for dog sports. In addition, for a norfolk there is nothing better than outdoor activities. He also has a strong character, and adventure and new challenges are his element. If he were told that he was really small, he would probably not believe it. He shows courage, especially when he feels threatened or his guardian is in danger. It also alerts the owner of an uninvited guest.

Norfolk is a dog who is passionate about exploring new places and digging new holes. This breed is also known for its cunning, intelligence, and fearless disposition. But the Norfolk Terrier is also a sensitive dog that attaches to its guardian and is interested in everything the owner does. He gets along well with older children and animals – provided they are not small rodents, birds or reptiles. Norfolk has a strongly developed hunting instinct, so he could start hunting small animals. In addition, it will be happy to search every hole encountered during a walk.

Norfolk must be socialized from the very beginning to become a confident dog. He tolerates screaming and violent treatment. If he is scolded or treated unfairly, he may be locked in.

The norfolk guardian will never be bored. First of all, he is an extremely energetic, hearty dog ​​with a head full of ideas. Secondly – he doesn’t like to be bored. Therefore, both mental and physical stimulation is the basis for caring for this breed of dog. Due to its small size, norfolk will work well in a small apartment as well as a large house.


Norfolk, as befits a terrier, has a strong hunting instinct. This breed was bred to hunt rats and other rodents. Over time, the norfolk was also used to drive foxes out of their burrows. Today it is a dog that will gladly penetrate every hole. Some quadrupeds of this breed also love to swim.

Norfolk terrier will be interested in various forms of activity – if any, and will be happy to check, for example, in frisbee or agility.

happy norfolk terrier
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Training and education

Norfolk terrier should be well socialized from the very beginning. It is extremely important for him to grow up as a social quadruped. Like other terriers, norfolk can be stubborn. That is why it is worth determining who has the last word to say in this account. Sometimes invasive norfolks tend to over-protect their guardian.

Building a bond with a norfolk terrier is the first and most important step in its successful training. A caring and loving relationship must be established with him to gain his trust. When a norfolk terrier feels good at home, he is more likely to respond to his guardian’s instructions.

Norfolk terrier is undeniably an intelligent dog breed. Trainings offered to this dog must be interesting and varied – monotony bored him. Norfolk is a dog that is relatively easy to train. Sometimes, however, that he is too interested in the environment and distracted by the sounds or smells of the area to focus on training sessions for a long time. For this reason, training can be a challenge for a beginner.

During walks it is best to keep the norfolk on a long line. Due to the strong hunting instinct it is important for this dog to master the basic commands that will not only facilitate everyday life, but also can often save a dog’s life. Especially when the terrier suddenly breaks up in pursuit of a smaller animal – and Norfolk can do it. For a norfolk, there is nothing better than outdoor activities. He will be very pleased with the long walks, varied exercise and throwing the ball.

The best and most effective method of training a dog of this breed is positive reinforcement using favorite delicacies. Remember not to punish the mentee during training, because there is a high probability that he / she will be withdrawn and will not be interested in continuing the lesson.

Who is this race for?

If you’re looking for an energetic dog companion who is both fearless and affectionate, then the Norfolk Terrier can be a breed for you. However, he is not a dog who will spend most of his time on your lap or with you on the couch watching the next episode of the series. The happiest will be when the guardian also shares his worship for an active outdoor lifestyle.

A person who does not have much experience in raising dogs, but wants to get involved, should not have trouble with the norfolk. However, he must have time to devote him to this energetic animal. Norfolk is suitable for families with children. He is also a good watchman and his care is not time consuming. If you have a garden that you don’t care about too much, and the next holes you dug won’t give you heart palpitations, this is the dog for you.

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