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Nausea in cats – Causes and treatments

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Nausea in cats – Causes and treatments

Nausea in cats and subsequent vomiting are controlled by a very complex coordinated reflex., which ends up causing stomach emptying. This reflex is regulated by a set of neurons located along the brainstem, a structure of the central nervous system that joins the brain with the spinal cord.

These neurons can be activated by a set of stimuli, both external and internal to the cat. When stimulated, they send a signal to the stomach, which begins to move spasmodically which causes the urge to vomit or nausea.

Difference between vomiting and regurgitation

Felines are regurgitating experts, so we must differentiate when they expel undigested content from that which is. Vomiting is characterized by being partially digested food that was contained inside the stomach. In addition, it is usually expelled for reasons outside the cat.

On the other hand, Regurgitation is the ability to expel undigested substances that are at the end of the mouth, in the esophagus or in the stomach. Cats regurgitate, mainly, to expel the hairballs that form in their digestive tract by continuously grooming.

In this case, it is vital that the cat always has access to catnip. This facilitates the dragging of the hairballs.

Causes of nausea in cats

Nausea in cats is, after all, an upset stomach that encourages vomiting. Those situations that cause real or potential damage to the stomach and attached glands can cause nausea.


As in other mammals, pregnancy in cats can cause nausea. These, in turn, are caused by multiple reasons such as hormonal changes themselves, avoiding ingestion of food harmful to fetuses, fatigue, etc.

Travel by car

The dizziness that causes some pets to travel by car is due to the organ responsible for balance and proprioception, the vestibular organ. This begins to send a multitude of signals to the brain, which fails to understand where the space-time is and ends with dizziness and vomiting.

Cat traveling by car pokes its head

Acute gastritis and nausea in cats

Acute gastritis in cats can result in nausea. During this disease the stomach is irritated and even damaged. Therefore, avoid digesting part of the food you receive and try to return it.

Pancreatitis and other pathologies related to the pancreas

The pancreas has an exocrine function during which it expels enzymes that participate in the digestion of food. When this organ does not work properly, it will not secrete these substances, digestion will not be completed and the bolus will try to be expelled..

Accidental consumption of toxic substances

Ingestion of toxic substances, such as household plants, poison or cleaning products, will undoubtedly cause many nausea to the animal, which will end up vomiting.

Strong odors

Some odors such as citrus, acetate, dental hygiene products, among others, cause nausea to cats more sensitive to odors.

Treatments of nausea in cats

To treat nausea in cats, first of all, what is causing them and, if possible, eliminate the causative agent.

Usually, for the symptomatic treatment of nausea antiemetics are used, drugs that reduce the peristaltic movements of the digestive tract.

In cases where the stomach is damaged, and this is the cause of nausea, a change in diet is recommended and even subject the cat to 24 hours of fasting. The intestinal emptying favors the recovery of the intestinal flora, the decrease of digestive substances and, therefore, the relaxation of the digestive tract.

Before subjecting the cat to any type of treatment you should go to the veterinarian, because that will be the one that can offer the best diagnosis.

Those who have pets at home routinely recognize the presence of vomiting in cats, but … what is usually the cause? And above all … how to treat them? Read more “

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