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Naughty dogs: Breeds | Training | Reasons | Character


Naughty dogs: Breeds | Training | Reasons | Character

Dogs have a selfless attachment to the owner, a high level of intelligence, for which they are recognized as the best friends of a person. The owners strive to provide their beloved pet with everything necessary, including a good upbringing. According to many, the level of intelligence directly depends on the ability of the dog to execute commands. However, not all four-legged friends of a person are equally well amenable to training. And the point is not in the level of intellectual, physical abilities. The question is about the features of temperament and character.

Shih tzu

Small fluffy dogs were not bred in order to catch game and carry out the commands of the owner. Her ancestors were bred for the nobility of ancient China. The main criterion for selecting puppies is an attractive appearance. Dogs are endowed with a capricious, unbalanced character, in the complete absence of aggression.


Shaggy, bug-eyed pets are condescending to the owners. When the owner gives the command, representatives of this breed pretend that they are hard of hearing. The homeland of their ancestors is China, where in ancient times dogs were bred in order to please the eyes of aristocrats. Over time, the dogs adopted from the Chinese nobility all the worst manifestations of character. The modern owners of the Pekingese got wayward, capricious and naughty dogs. It’s good that the sizes allow you to take the stubborn in your arms and take it where the situation requires it.


The smartest buried dogs strive to be leaders in everything. This also applies to relations with the owner. Dachshunds perfectly understand what owners require of them, however, they have their own opinions on each situation. These little shrews do just what they want. The muscular body allows you to hide in time from the anger of the owner and to avoid punishment. They can be aggressive towards strangers, animals.


This breed was bred for search, catching prey. A lean muscular body, excellent sense of smell, stamina and attractive appearance cannot compensate for low intelligence. These dogs are difficult and can be trained for a long time for the only team that they will forget after a month of absence of training.


This breed is referred to as fighting. The ancestors of modern mastiffs were selected on the basis of physical character, intellectual abilities remained on the sidelines. Now mastiffs are kind giants, immensely loyal to their master, able to defend him until the last breath. They get along well with all family members, especially with children. They perfectly perform the tasks of protecting the territory, but they do not want to carry out elementary commands. It seems that the mastiffs do not want to understand what is required of them, they are happy with everything.

Basset hound

Hunting dog with developed muscles, long ears and short legs. Among the character traits, it is worth noting the all-consuming laziness, distraction. He likes to play, quickly switches his attention from one entertainment to another. Often likes to be in secluded meditation. The only thing that is put into the head of these short-legged dogs is to catch up, find and bring prey. Thank you if the dog doesn’t eat it herself.

Chow chow

Fluffy giants belong to one of the oldest breeds. For the entire period of the breed’s existence, the main requirements for dogs were guard skills. Moreover, these proud dogs are self-confident, stubborn and capricious. They prefer a measured, unhurried life in an “energy-saving mode.” Dogs do not tolerate violence against themselves, can be aggressive towards the offender. Do not try to force the chow to execute commands – it is a waste of time. The result may be an undermining of the authority of the owner.


It’s not a secret that all representatives of this breed are terribly stubborn. The breed was bred with emphasis on endurance, strength. The level of intelligence has remained outside the selection criteria. As a result, modern bulldogs are slow, stubborn, but hardy. These pets are difficult to get in the right direction if they are not interested. At the same time, bulldogs are excellent guards, nannies.

Afghan hound

Another representative of the hunting breeds, which, unfortunately, has lost its main weapon – the scent. Over the past few decades, this breed has been popular with breeders due to its spectacular appearance. Many want to have a four-legged friend nearby, on which passersby turn. Greyhounds have more of a cat-like character – they like to sleep, play, eat. They are affectionate, adore when they stroke, comb. During the walk require prolonged physical activity. But training can not be completely.


In the post-Soviet space, this breed is little known. Interest in these dogs is caused by the sounds they make instead of barking. They are more like the crying of a baby or the hysterical laugh of an adult. Dogs are curious, playful, overly active, love affection. However, they fail to execute commands because of their inability to concentrate for a long time.

Most dog owners love them not for their outward beauty, mental abilities, but for loyalty and loyalty, which cannot be taken away from representatives of all breeds, regardless of their ability to execute commands.

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